Who doesn’t want to have an ideal body shape? In addition to exercise and diet, one way to look slimmer is wearing shapewear. We all know, this is the easiest and instant way. Shapewear is designed to shape the curves of the body while increasing your blood circulation. At the same time, body shaper also makes your appearance look more feminine and attractive. Shapewear can also be used to lift parts of the body quickly without the aid of tools.

There are several things to consider when choosing shapewear. You can’t just buy shapewear products like full body shaper. Determining body shape, choosing the function and form of shapewear and knowing the right size is important. Do not choose because you just want to wear tight clothes. Thus, you will not spend money on the wrong product.

Here are 3 easy tips to choose your best shapewear!

Know Exactly What Your Body Type Is

Buying a shapewear means you have to really know your real body shape including where the advantages and disadvantages are. By recognizing your body shape, then you can determine the best type of shapewear you need.

Generally, there are several types of body shapes. Apple shape usually has a larger shape in the waist area. Pear-like body shape means that the waist area has a narrower size with a fairly wide hip area. The hourglass shape is the ideal body shape, where the chest and hips have the same width, while the waist tends to be slim. Rectangle shape, the body tends to be straight from top to bottom, with an invisible waist line. Meanwhile the inverted triangle is when the size of the shoulders is wide with a full chest but narrow hips. So, what’s yours?

Choose Shapewear That Suits Your Body Shape

After knowing about your body shape, now it’s time to choose what shapewear your body needs. Well, for the first time buyer, you have to know that there are many types of shapewear you can choose according to your needs. Choosing the right shapewear is necessary so that the main function of the shapewear itself can optimally work to beautify your body curves.

body shaper
Flatten Tummy Body Shapewear with 3 Hooks

For example, body shaper bodysuit aims to shape the silhouette of the stomach and waist to be more curvy and beautiful. It can form a cleavage as well. If you are a woman with a body like an inverted triangle, rectangle, or apple, use this kind of shapewear to perfect your body.

Waist trainer is a type of shapewear that can streamline the abdomen and form a body silhouette like an hourglass. Women with bodies shaped like hourglass, apple, and pear will be perfect wearing this.

Waist trainer
Abdominal Compression Board of Post Surgery

Get The Size That Fits You

Last but not least, guys. Opting the right size of your shapewear. Of course, the easiest way to find out your best size is taking a measurement for your circumference. When it’s done, then check the size guide from the online seller. Different brands of shapewear may use different measurements, make sure you do check before buying.

Also remember, don’t be tempted to buy shapewear in a size smaller than your body size because basically shapewear has a very tight shape. Shapewear sizes that are smaller or larger won’t work well, so make sure you pick the right size.

What do you think? Are you ready to choose the best shapewear for your precious body? Make sure you only buy the best shapewear to beautify your body shape.

best shapewear for women
Power Mesh Backless Full Body Sculptwear



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