When it comes to hair many women tend to style it either by putting it up in a poney tail or by making curls. Rarely there are other accessories used to decorate it. However, in the past women used to wear different types of jewelry integrated in their hairstyles, such as tiaras, hair combs, head bands, scarves, precious hair pins and so on.

Then why not add some hair accessories into your collection as well. They will make your whole look a lot more put together and fashionable.

Here are some of the best choices you can make when it comes to accessories for your hair.

1. The headbands

Do you remember Blair Waldorf from the famous TV series Gossip Girl from many years ago? If yes, then you know she used to wear headbands in all of her outfits. From thin basic headbands to those with precious stones embellished on them, she had quite a collection. A headband will make you look a lot more innocent and girly when you will wear it, so try to wear it with feminine outfits and avoid adding it to edgy looks like when you wear a leather jacket and military boots for example.

2. Head wraps

A variation for the headbands are the head wraps. They are perfect for the cold season as they can keep you warm too, especially if they are knitted. These are also feminine pieces, so try to wear them in appropriate outfits. For example, when you wear a comfy white sweater with a midi skirt and high heeled boots try to add a head wrap too and maybe some pearl earrings. You will have quite a classy look.


3. Hair combs

Instead of going for simple hair pins, try and use a hair comb to fix your hair style. You can go for something basic in gold or silver or you can chose a hair comb with various rhinestones on it for a plus of glam. If you also style your hair in a retro coiffure, the hair comb will only make it look even more special.

4. The fancy tiara

If you are going to a special event and if you need to wear a cocktail dress or even an elegant gown, you can try and be bold and add a tiara as well. It will only take your outfit to another level. If in the past tiaras were worn only by princesses, queens or the noble class, now everyone can wear them, so why not you as well if you want to feel special!




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