Lipsticks… They tend to be a great way to draw attention to our lips, and of course, to us. Lips are considered a very sensual part of our bodies and highlighting them with lipstick, can make a woman more attractive to the opposite sex, or the same, depending on one’s preferences.

Some women also wear lipstick just to feel better about themselves and their appearances or express their unique but also artistic style. Even if the ingredients and also colors have changed over the centuries, the idea and purpose of wearing it have always remained the same.

We express our inner beauty with our outer self. And you know what is the most amazing about lipsticks? It’s the sheer variety and also versatility in composition and also in color. The first time, when someone reported the use of lipstick was back in 3500 B.C. And it was the queen of Sumeria that used white lead and crushed red rocks to put some color on her lips. Lipstick was also worn by men and women in Egypt, as a symbol of their statues. And women in ancient Greece also wore red lipstick too.

Still, wondering why women wear lipstick? Well, why does lipstick ends up being perceived as attractive, there are some theories. For example, full lips are connected, subconsciously to fertility and beauty. Another theory is that is the passion for art, color, and independency being expressed.

Even if we always say we are all the same, something that differentiates us is the fact that not everyone looks and likes the same. And not everything, and especially every color looks good or the same on everyone. This is the reason why some makeup brands share images of how their products look in different skin tones.

Girls’ favorite lipsticks will depend much on the girls, to be honest. Their skin tone and what looks good with it. The colors they love wearing and feel comfortable wearing. Because, one can wear a specific color and look good on it, and you can simply don’t like it on you specifically.

Of course, the brand might depend on the benefits it brings you, for example, that it doesn’t smudge or transfer, that it lasts 24 or 72 hours and so many different benefits. And, it’s important, to consider your budget. There might be some expensive brands whose lipsticks might not be good and are a total waste of money, while cheaper brands have ones that are worth a million bucks of how good they are.

Probably nowadays, one of the most work colors of lipstick is all the range of nudes there are. If you wear a nude shade of lipstick you won’t be at a loss. They always make you look good, elegant, and serious. There are other shades that can be considered a girl’s favorite, like reds and pinks. If you want to give a flirtier and sensual vibe, then red will be a great choice. Pink will be the right choice if you want to give a vibrant and funny vibe. It all depends on what you want to express and how amazing you look wearing the shade you chose.



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