When it comes to hair, it comes in all colors, textures, and lengths. We cut it, we dye it we do whatever we want with it, to help us look our best. But it is important that we know how to keep our hair looking good and without the signs of damage.

Having soft, supple, and luminous hair is basically a common goal for most women. But life can get the best of our hair… it is either us aging, changing our lifestyles, or not having proper care of it, that will damage it.  

Also, with time, the natural oils of our hair can be stripped and that might lead to our hair getting dry. But you don’t have to settle down for dry and damaged hair. In fact, you can do a few things to bring it back to life.

And to do so you’ll need most likely, a combination of moisturizing ingredients as well as healthy hair care habits. And you can add the following to your daily routine to achieve a softer and suppler hair.

One of the first things you need to do is to actually know your hair type. If your hair is coarse and dry might need more care, but for example, straight hair might need fewer oils as compared to curly hair. And this happens because the natural oils from the scalp get to move easier from the cuticle when your hair is straighter.

It is important to have in mind that as we age, the oil production will be decreased, but your hair can be different also based on the climate of where you live, the current season.

Something that might be beneficial for your hair as it is for your skin is coconut oil. Coconut oil can actually penetrate deep into the skin, and some of these effects can be also seen in the hair.

You can either apply pure oil to your hair after shampooing or you can use products that are already infused with it. Have in mind that if the result gets too oily, then you must concentrate on the hair ends and just use it every other day.

There are other oils that you can use, like olive oil. But in this case, be sure to apply a small amount of it in a thin even layer on the hair ends once a week because otherwise, it can make your hair really oily.

Another oil that can be used is argan oil. Argan oil can be found as the ingredient of many shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. It has moisturizing properties and you might benefit more from it using it pure. If you choose so, apply as you would the olive oil and even a single layer.

If you’re not planning to mess with pure oils, then using a hair mask will be a great option for you. If used on a weekly basis, it will help your hair draw in moisture more effectively.  You should apply damp hair after shampooing and then rinse it out after five minutes.

When it comes to washing your hair, do it with lukewarm water and not hot water. And you need to wash strategically. Like for example, shampooing your scalp but only conditioning your ends. And of course, wash it only as often as needed. For example, some people might only require only weekly shampooing and some other just need to do it every other day.

It’s important too, that you go easy with the heat tools. Always apply a heat protectant prior to using them. Always use the lowest heat setting and don’t use it on extremely wet hair… let it air dry for a bit. If possible, take weekly breaks to help your hair recover.




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