Bless us Father for we have sinned. We are obsessed with sweets and we forget to take care of our teeth once in a while. At times, we experience toothaches and tooth decay so we just pray to our fairy godmother or tooth fairy to grant us temporal tooth relief.

So what are the simple ways to keep our teeth healthy? Let’s follow these 8-steps so we can assure that we can keep our pearly whites clean & healthy as we gracefully age. We don’t want to miss or lose a tooth at a very young age right? Surely, that would be insecurity we will be ashamed to smile about. So let us take care of our teeth now so we can enjoy eating for a long time and have more reasons to smile about. Follow my tips to keep your teeth healthy:

1) Brush your teeth

Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth especially if you are a sweet tooth. All those sugar can ruin and damage your tooth enamel. Sweets are a silent killer and not brushing your teeth will give you double trouble. Our teeth are prone to plaque and cavities so we have to make sure to brush properly so there will be no rotting teeth at bay. Remember, sugar converts acid in the mouth so not brushing your teeth will definitely damage your tooth enamel. So don’t be lazy to keep your teeth healthy by brushing religiously up and down and side to side.

2) Use a fluoride toothpaste

We need fluoride protection for our teeth as we chew and eat every day exposing our teeth to a lot of chemical reactions and acid. Using a fluoride toothpaste will prevent our teeth from having cavities, help strengthen our tooth enamel, and protects our teeth from the acid that we get from various food and coffee we drink. Fluoride will help strengthen and re-mineralize our tooth’s weakened enamel so buying a fluoride toothpaste is a must for teeth protection.

3) Use a tongue scraper

There’s a lot of bacteria and saliva causing bad breath especially when we sleep. Morning breath is a real baby! That is why a tongue scraper is very helpful to use at the very moment we wake up and brush our teeth. Scrape all the foul-smelling saliva filled with bacteria. I assure you that you will have better and cleaner breath with a cleaner yet healthier tongue. After using your tongue scraper for a week, you’ll instantly notice that you have fresher breath and better oral health. You’ll have kissable lips early in the morning. Oh, you’ll love to do a breath check!

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4) Floss regularly

Flossing has proven to effectively remove stuck food and tooth plaque which manual brushing can’t perfectly do. Flossing reduces tooth decay and gum diseases. Flossing will stop you from constantly playing with your tongue to check each tooth if there are any food particles left to remove. Do it in an up & down method to ensure that your teeth are clean already. I always bring a dental floss wherever I go especially when I have meetings or photoshoots outside. You’ll never know when a toothpick can’t do the trick. Whenever you have floss in your bag, you will never run out of reasons to smile.

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5) Gargle with mouthwash

When you’ve eaten lots of garlic & onions or shawarma for lunch, make sure that you gargle with mouthwash too because the strong scent sticks long. This oral antiseptic can instantly kill bacteria and viruses due to its concentrated formula. You’ll have fresh breath in no time. This is especially important when you have an important meeting after the lunch break. Oh, you can’t present with a breath that smells like food right? Dress to impress & speak with confidence because that’s when you can possibly close a successful deal. You are now assured that your teeth and tongue are clean. Use your mouthwash after brushing and flossing to have fresher breath and cleaner teeth at home too! When you only have a few minutes left to leave the house, mouthwash will help save your day.

6) Take vitamins and minerals for stronger teeth

If we can not take enough calcium, vitamin C & vitamin D from the food we eat, we can take supplements to ensure that our teeth is healthy in the long run. Hard to have weakened teeth when we are already seniors so best to act early so we do not regret anything.

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7) Use an Electric Brush

This allows you to reach areas that are hard for manual toothbrushes to reach. As electric brushes have small heads, kids, adults and seniors alike can brush properly. Using electric brushes is less harsh and less sensitive to your gums too so this will cause less pain compared to manual brushing. Brushing your teeth is more fun when it’s electric! So cool!

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8) Visit your dentist

Oral health is important. While there are times when we can’t spot any issues with our teeth, best to leave it to the expert to do the checking yearly. Any sign of inflammation, bad breath, or aching teeth can be signs of bigger problems so let’s make sure to visit the dentist once or twice a year. It’s best to enjoy chewing our food with healthy teeth than to have our teeth removed due to decay and cavities.




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