July is the month when we celebrate our freedom from heavy garments! It’s the month for getting out of town and to a beach, pool, or other incredible body of water. It’s also the month when you’ll be sweating the most in whatever you’re wearing, so picking the correct ones is more critical than ever. It is where we can help. We’re back with another installment of What To Wear Today, including outfits inspired by our favorite fashion photographs and the most stylish men we know. Let’s get dressed in your favorite tank tops, summer suits, and a fistful of Hawaiian shirts. Here are eight foolproof strategies to avoid being naked this July.

Kaftans are best 

for the girl who despises dresses, opt for a caftan-style piece in a bright, vibrant color or a colorful print. Also, don’t be afraid to go all out with your accessories (like Arpana Rayamajhi’s handcrafted statement necklaces). Parts and equals Your favorite poolside caftan is more adaptable than you might expect. You’re instantly red-carpet-ready with a set of beautiful enormous earrings, a structured bag, and luxurious slides. At the very least, you’ll be ready for dinner and drinks with the ladies.


As much as sunglasses or swimwear, an enormous maxi dress is a summer must-have. As an all-in-one ensemble, the item is straightforward to put together. As worn by all celebrities, flat sandals with a beach bag will amp up the summer mood.

Celebrate the style  

You can wear all of the flag’s colors at once without appearing like the flag itself. Combine a pair of mod ’60s boots with a simple shirtdress for a stylish and festive combination.

The Neutral Matches  

When done in a plain beige and paired with tailored khakis, an off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffled sleeves feels less scary and fiesta-ready. You may mix and match neutral colors in the same outfit without seeming stale.


If the fantastic fashion on Clarissa Explains It All is still bugging you, we have some excellent news: Oversized headbands and overalls are back in style. We recommend a sleeveless blouse with frills or lace around the arms if it’s too hot for a button-down.

Mini Polka Dots  

A light-colored polka-dot dress is a perfect way to show off your festive side while being stylish. This bright dress will be your go-to for the Fourth of July, from a park picnic to fireworks at the country club. Wear it with a pair of woven slides for a flirtatious appearance, or layer it over your favorite bikini for a chic poolside cover-up.

Relaxing in the Tees and Denims  


Denim and relaxed tees always go together. However, if you want to take things a step further this holiday, replace the pants with a tennis skirt for a lovely and sporty look. A summer essential, white denim is a simple garment to mix and match with anything you have in your collection. Wear it with a plain white top or a white graphic tee and a pair of red sunglasses for a stylish look in July.




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