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It is that time of the year when we are supposed to pull out our sweaters out of the closet ( and warm clothes in general) and to put away those light summery clothing. Some people hate the fact that the summer is gone and some see an opportunity to try out bunch of different autumn / winter trends. Which group do you belong to? We know that it seems like summer began yesterday, but it is time to enjoy all the positive things that autumn brings.

One of those things would be previously mentioned sweaters. Now, we all wear sweaters. Whether you like it or not sweaters are the clothing that keeps us warm durig winter and it simply comes as a logical option.

Considering that we „have“ to wear them than why not wear beautiful sweaters. When people talk about winter and autumnal clothing they usually refer to dull soulless colors ( not that it is wrong to wear grey, black or brown because we love neutral fashion outfits but sometimes it is good to pop in a bit of color). Well, we wanted to write about something absolutely different this time and those would be rainbow sweaters.

Your first though when you read this is probably that this is a childish item and that no adult would wear something like that but that is completely wrong. Well you are wrong because they see to be ubnormally popular. You could have seen famous fashionistas like Chiara Ferragni and Tamara Kalinic wear them. Chiara Feragni even put rainbow print in her collection. Our point is that they do not neccesarily have to be childish. It is all up to you how you combine them, which accessories do you pair them with and so on. Rainbow sweaters can actually look really feminine.

When we say rainbow it does not absolutely need to mean that you need to put awfully bright colors on you because there are some soft colored options as well – the colors that look a bit more pu together. Now we wanted to list you some of the rainbow sweaters that we have found:

How do you like our choice? Would you wear some of these? We can’t wait to hear have we changed your opinion at least a bit.




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