One of the main doubts of women who want to lose weight and slim their waist is whether the body shaper works for them to reach their goals.

Does body shaper really slim the waist?

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Although it can indeed show results, the frequent use of the accessory is harmful to health and may not achieve the desired effects.

Below we present the main doubts about the body shaper and clarify how to use the accessory to obtain better results.

Does body shaper work to slim the waist?

It depends! The body shaper works, however, as long as it is used correctly. Using it all the time can put pressure on your internal organs and do more harm than good.

What happens is that using the belt too tight ends up compressing the organs, causing the weakening of the abdominal and back muscles, which results in sagging and a greater need to use the belt when you want a more refined effect.

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Does a waist trainer help you lose weight?

Waist trainer does not show results for those who are trying to lose weight, what can happen is a reduction in abdominal measurements.

The use of this accessory can contribute to the elimination of liquids, which gives a feeling of weight loss and less swelling, however, the result is temporary, so it is necessary to train accompanied by the use of the accessory.

Is the accessory indicated during the practice of physical exercises?

Many people believe that if they use the modeling belt during physical exercises, the result will be more satisfactory.

A brace can really help, as long as it’s not too tight and uncomfortable.

It is worth mentioning that the modeling belt helps with sweating in the abdominal region and improves fat burning during the practice of physical exercises.

Are there postural benefits?

Yes, and it is one of the main advantages of using the waist trainer wrap. It is indicated for people who have difficulty maintaining an upright and even posture, which can result in spinal problems, mainly in the lumbar and cervical regions.

In addition, it helps to maintain a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing position, avoiding the curved shape of the spine.

Can pregnant women use the girdle?

Pregnant women can use the modeling belt, as long as it is a specific model for pregnancy and if it is not too tight, as improper use is even more dangerous during pregnancy.

The inappropriate use of the accessory can cause compression of the uterus, bladder, placenta, and umbilical cord, which compromises the growth and health of the baby.

Still, the correct use of a specific strap helps to hold the belly and avoid back pain during pregnancy. In these models, the fabric is more elastic and without the use of brackets or Velcro can be uncomfortable during use.

Can the brace be worn 24 hours a day?

Regardless of your purpose when using the shaper belt, it is not recommended for 24 hours a day.

The indication is that it be used between 2 and 4 hours a day, only in daytime periods. The maximum time you can keep the brace is 8 hours.

Despite this, there are some exceptions to this rule. The strap must be worn for 24 hours – only removed when taking a shower – in cases of plastic surgery in the region, such as abdominoplasty, liposuction, and liposculpture.

Other procedures in the region, even if not for aesthetic purposes, also justify more frequent use.




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