If you want to learn about the fashion color spectrum, my friend, you’re in the right place because we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll show you how to put colors together so they look great on you. It’s important to know how colors work because the colors you choose for your clothes can either make or break your look. No matter how expensive your clothes are, they won’t look the way you want them to if the colors don’t go well together. But don’t worry, after reading this essay you’ll know everything there is to know about the popular color wheel. Scroll down to see what we have in store for you. So quick!

1. Sticking with Neutrals

Stick with black, white, and grey for solutions that will always work. Because they don’t have a tint, shades of black, white, and grey go well with all other colors. So, they are a great place to start when putting an outfit together. These colors go well together and can be used to balance out outfits with more striking colors.

  • Most of the time, it’s easier to wear dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors on the top. For a classic look, try putting on a white shirt with black jeans.

2. Mix it up with shades of brown for a bit of variety

Even though there are many different shades of brown, most of them are neutral colors because they go with almost every other color. Brown comes in many shades, from beige to camel to chocolate, and it goes well with most outfits and is easy to wear.

Some examples of light browns that are easy to pair with other colors are beige, tan, khaki, and camel.

  • Camel color look best with warm whites and dark colors, like deep blue or deep red.
  • Wearing darker browns with black has been looked down upon for a long time. But recently, this old rule has become less strict.
  • Want a more interesting neutral word? Think about a bronze that shines or shimmers. Even though it is brown, it will still look good with most other colors.

3. Add in olive and navy as fashionable neutrals 

Even though neither olive nor navy is a truly neutral color like brown, they are often called neutral colors in the fashion world because they look good with most other colors. Navy blue or olive green will add some variety to your wardrobe, but they will still go with any other neutral color.

Black is not usually worn with navy. But many people think this rule is old-fashioned, just like the rule that you can’t wear brown and black together.

4. Air analogous colors

Similar colors, which are next to each other on the color wheel, have a pleasing but less striking effect. When they are the same intensity and brightness, colors that are next to each other on either side of a certain color are easy to match.

You could wear a green dress with a yellow jacket or a pink button-down shirt with red jeans if you wanted to.




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