Today the subject is nothing less than summer vacations and how you can have a perfect guide to choose what to wear during this time that is so intense, but also has a good variation in temperature.

Therefore, this guide will help you with the hottest days and also with the most refreshing nights that may arise during your entire vacation. However, of course, some things are depending on where you go for the occasion to be even more perfect.

This is important, as it is with him that we will be able to think of fresher clothes, which in this case are dresses, shorts and tank tops. Besides, of course, we can think about issues such as much more open shoes.

So now I want to let you use and abuse clothes that are cooler and have a more open fit, thus allowing the entry of wind and humidity for your day. Here I am specifically referring to dresses that are great for the summer and definitely need to be part of your wardrobe.

With that same refreshing and usual feel, I leave here the option of a more open shirt that shows your cleavage more and that you combine it with some shorts, but in this case you can think of combining it with a skirt as well.

We also have the choice of coats for those cooler days that will definitely ask for a coat at the end of the day, because just as we have the hottest days, the nights tend to vary a little more in temperature and with that you need some clothes that covers you more.

You can think here of also wearing dresses that are longer, but that have much more striking colors to give that warmer look to your choices. So it’s an excellent recommendation when you’re in doubt.

I also really like the option of putting on a cropped top with wider pants, but with a similar material so that you feel much more comfortable wearing it and with that style that everyone who looks at it admires.

On this type of trip, some accessories are essential to match the outfits chosen by you. So those bigger bags, sunglasses that match your choice and also hats are great choices for those who want an even more complete look.

I want to leave it open to you to choose whether you want to wear sneakers or flip-flops, because even on vacation you end up going to the beach and also going out to dinner more often, you need to have an idea of ​​how your look will be for each occasion that you are going.

Therefore, choose the pieces carefully and see which ones will be the most ideal for when you need to use them in each situation.




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