When spring arrives, bringing beautiful, pleasant, and even romantic weather, we immediately think about which clothes to buy to update our wardrobe. But few people remember to invest in essential items to complete the look, which are accessories.

There are different types of accessories you can get to enhance your look and create self-confidence through your image, but the hat gains prominence and functionality so you can complement your appearance with lots of charm.

What hat to wear in spring?

You know those sunny days when you want to enjoy an outdoor event, but don’t want to suffer from the effects of sun exposure? They can be lived lightly, if you invest in a good sunscreen and complement it by wearing a hat that gives you extra protection.

The initial idea is to enjoy the benefits of expanding your feminine magnetic power without leaving your personal style. For women who identify with Athleisure aesthetics, a baseball cap can be interesting for outdoor activities such as a run in the park. You can choose a plain version for a cleaner look or a cap with your favorite team’s logo.

Furthermore, a snapback can be a cooler option and compliment women who like to mix feminine pieces with others that embrace the masculine side, they are perfect for a stylish oversized style and combine with looser t-shirts and cargo pants.

 If you are looking for a middle ground, the bucket is a favorite from the 90s that has returned to expand casual looks. They can be made from cotton or linen and are perfect for warmer days.

What style hats are in style?

Diverse styles. The interesting thing here is that you understand your personal style and create based on that. Self-knowledge is important for you to experience fashion assertively and lightly.

A woman with a more classic style can wear a Breton hat with a nautical print made of cotton to enjoy days near the sea. If it’s a sunny day, you can walk along the seafront wearing a visor hat for protection and style.

For the same situation, we can invest in a Panama-style straw hat to create a lighter and more feminine look for a dinner by the sea. This type of hat goes perfectly with a long floral dress and sandals with thin straps. This way, you will have a charming, fresh, and well-flowing appearance.

If you have a style that ranges from creative to cool, you can invest in a Borsalino in neutral tones such as caramel, black, or leather. The Fedora also fits here, bringing style and versatility through the flexible brim in conjunction with the felt.

Does a hat help build my personality?

Yes, because building your image is also a form of communication. So, for spring you can use cheerful, floral, and colorful prints. But don’t forget to choose the hat according to your face shape too. Invest in a cowboy hat for a look full of personality and enjoy your weekend at the country house.

A flat cap adds personality to a classic style that’s timeless. Just like the derby hat, rounded and super elegant. Perfect for creating fashion compositions to go to the museum or art gallery. The beret is interesting for those who have a free, artistic style and symbolizes someone who is bohemian, combining many different styles of clothing.




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