You want to enjoy your best image in any season, don’t you? But spring arrives to encourage you even more to create new looks that can update your wardrobe and your mood. Therefore, it is possible to create an assertive look with light, comfortable, and even elegant pieces.

Women’s knitwear made from natural materials such as linen, wool, and cotton are great options for this time of year, as they offer versatility and are breathable. You can even choose which color palette best suits your goals and harmonize the look between lighter and more vibrant colors to create a perfect spring mood.

Which knits should I wear during spring?

Some people retire most of the knitwear they wear during the winter. But with wisdom, it is possible to choose light knitwear that can become an important style cred for the flower season. Overlays can be assertive if combined with accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

But, in addition, it is important to protect yourself appropriately when dressing. Therefore, instead of abandoning knitwear permanently, you can choose pieces that allow you to move smoothly from one season to the next.

Based on this principle, you can combine light knits such as ribbed knit cardigans, and mix wool and silk in addition to jeans and leather, which are pieces that never go out of style.

How do I create a balanced look for spring?

Knits need to be breathable, this is a good starting point. So replace heavier-looking pieces with lighter ones or something in between. If you don’t want to wear it as an overlay, this is yet another reason for you to opt for cashmere with a thinner fabric and use it as a single top piece.

It’s also interesting to replace high collars with a V-neck. A sweater with this design looks elegant or sexy, depending on the direction you give it. You can also combine a cotton pullover with some more fluid pants or shorts to create a more casual look.

Do spring knits match other pieces I already have?

Certainly. You won’t have any difficulty with this. A cashmere coat in merino wool is very light. You can choose happier colors like red, blue or orange and combine them with jeans and boots.

Additionally, invest in unique pieces. A knitted dress is an interesting option that can make a difference to your look. Therefore, choose an off-the-shoulder design to enhance the upper part of the body. If temperatures drop further, include a scarf to keep your neck warm and a hat.

Vests are on the rise and won’t lose their position anytime soon, especially with the popularity of tailored pieces. But how about replacing your office outfit with a short-sleeved sweater? It’s a great option for wearing under blazers, for example, without causing discomfort by becoming too hot.

Pieces with a front zipper are charming and can offer you the freedom to use them in the best possible way. So that sporty zip-up sweatshirt can be part of your spring collection to create the perfect Athleisure fashion for you. If you prefer the Old Money aesthetic, invest in a lightweight cardigan, in a neutral color with a fine knit, ribs, less fuzzy and bulky. Combine with a pleated skirt, and delicate golden accessories that can give you more femininity.




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