You have just renewed your wardrobe for a new season and quickly fashion changes again. This is a normal reality, as the fashion world is constantly changing.

But you don’t need to be desperate and discard all the clothes in your closet to replace them with others. With creativity, you can mix old pieces with some new items and plan assertive looks that take on a totally original and modern appearance.

How do you know that the new pieces will match the old ones?

When you know how to identify your style, everything becomes easier. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will purchase any clothes again that will not match others.

Before buying new pieces, look at your wardrobe and identify which colors, prints and cuts you like best. Think about new pieces that can complement the ones you already have. Additionally, identify which types of clothes make you feel confident so that you can invest in more pieces along the same lines.

Don’t forget to always put your comfort first, so don’t buy something just because it’s fashionable, but it makes you uncomfortable in your own body.

Is it really important to have a collection of basic and essential items?

Yes, because you need a solid foundation. So, start your personal collection with clothes that range from basic to neutral, such as white t-shirts, a black tailored blazer, and light-colored jeans with a cut that matches your body shape. Also, have at least one black dress and tank top that can be combined with other pieces.

After creating a well-defined base, gradually acquire new pieces that can add personality to your compositions and increase your personal power with style.

Add a top with a fun print and pair it with basic jeans. A blazer can create a nice formal layer over a flowy, ruffled blouse for work. To add fun to the basics, buy a pair of colorful or whimsical-style shoes.

You can also choose new pieces that have textures that expand on your basics. A leather jacket can be paired with a lace skirt or a black silk dress with a metallic belt to create a sensual and comfortable evening look.

Accessories are easy to acquire and make a difference

Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and try new models of clothes or accessories that can allow you to create different combinations.

To do this, invest in accessories to make a difference. You can even visit an antique clothing bazaar or find unique pieces through detachment websites. This way, it is possible to save and still purchase a different item, even a famous brand, for a lower price than in the store.

So, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings add charm to your visual composition. Hats can help add identity to your look. Belts are interesting, as they help to seal the look, just like sunglasses. Scarves are versatile accessories, as you can wear them around your neck to keep warm on cold days, but you can also use them to tie your hair in a ponytail and feel cooler in the heat. Use your creativity and surprise yourself in many ways by combining old items with new ones.




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