Q is a fashion of the New York Museum of modern art provide much material for thought: fashion is really modern?

“Cbs Broadcasting Inc this morning” visited a new exhibition, a century of fashion clothing and accessories to celebrate their contribution, art and design. You might be surprised to see how many of these clothes are part of your wardrobe.

Paola Antonelli spent more than 10 years collecting and planning 111 first fashion exhibitions in the Museum of modern art for more than 70 years.

“One hundred and eleven items”. Why is that number?” CBS news reporter Vladimir Duthiers reports.

“Just, it can be divided by three, so it brings good luck,” Antonelli said.

suit underwear
The exhibition begins with the little black dress of coco Chanel and various explanations.

“That little black dress from that point of view has been evolving.”. “It’s interesting now that we can wear 1920 Chanel skirts today, and it looks perfect, perfect, perfect today,” Antonelli said.

That’s why Justin Beiber wears underwear today, like those in the 90s of the last century, Mark Wahlberg put forward the famous Calvin eternity, which is the magic suit underwear  displayed on the white group.

Does the black dress of the cocoa channel exist with the “Miracle Bra” in the same exhibit?” Duthiers asked.

“Oh, yes. “It does exist,” Antonelli said. We tend to think of fashion as the outer skin that we project to the outside world, and we use it to express ourselves…… But there are so many things that can help us achieve this effect…… And underwear has such a big impact that it’s fashion itself.”

Call it formally dressed underwear, and white T-shirts end this exhibition as an unlikely symbol of status.

Antonelli said: “Saville’s suit stands for power, but today the guy in the three suit is probably a bouncer, and the guy in the white T-shirt is the ceo.”.

The collection includes the familiar fashion in the last century: the promotion of trousers, shoes, pants,suit underwear . Every piece of work represents New York’s perspective.

Antonelli said: “New York is the world’s privileged Observatory, is also such a arrogant city around the world, we think we can do this.”.

“Yeah. “I think a lot of people will agree with this trait,” Duthiers said.

“But a lovely, lovely, lovely, generous and loving City,” Antonelli said.

One corner is about the insurgency. Punk T-shirt, Martens and Doc Che Guevara and the Panthers wear berets.




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