Trench jackets aren’t only for the males anymore! This iconic men’s clothing design has made its way into the realm of women’s clothing that is here to remain. Trench coats are as stunning on women, adding an aura of refinement and sophistication to their appearance.

You’ll achieve yours again because it’s a classic layout that has existed for centuries! Learn how and where to style a military jacket by following along with us via this stylebook.

Trench coats are characterized by double-breasted shapes, buckles, large collars, and militaristic features such as epaulets. In addition, it has pockets and a rear vent to make moving around easier.

Women first wore trench coats following World War II. Then, there was an excess of military equipment.

Hollywood actresses such as Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Munroe, Marlene Dietrich, and Audrey Hepburn promoted them; who can ignore the closing moment in Breakfast With Tiffany’s, where Hepburn’s Holly Golightly kisses in a rainstorm while donning nothing except a trench coat?

Since then, the design has remained popular. The trench jacket has unquestionably become a fashion essential. However, if you don’t already own one, you must! 

Trench coats are versatile pieces of clothing. They look wonderful in both informal and formal settings, and they can resist a variety of weather conditions. In the thick of spring (assuming you live someplace mild), you may also want to opt for anything thicker, although it’s a great layering item in the spring and autumn.

So, you would like to know when you should use a trench coat? The answer is simple. If indeed the weather permits, You could use it anywhere during the day.

Trench Coats that aren’t too formal.

Trench coats go well with trousers and a tee or cardigan. It’s a favorite among fashion bloggers and off-duty models, so give it a whirl during your next rest days! It’s also possible to experiment with the tops.

Start dressing the outfit in a partially undone shirt or a denim jacket to twist the Canadian suit style. Wear a jacket or sweater when you try to appear more casual.

Your shoes may also drastically alter the look of your ensemble: keep it informal with shoes, or jazz it up using slippers, ballerina shoes, heels, or leather boots. Rather than trousers, you may wear a basic linen or cardigan dress beneath.

The Army Green Classic Trench Jacket is a great option.

Workplace Trench Coats.

It might be difficult to locate clothing that meets your office’s corporate, formal attire requirement. So, the trench coat is out! However, it goes well with pencil skirts, tops, short shorts, or even hot pants.  

Whatever style trench coat you pick, you can rest assured that it will snugly conceal your jacket. Furthermore, with your long coat and glossy heels, you’ll resemble an Old Hollywood actor as you exit the workplace.

The Pastel Pink One Chested Trench Jacket is an option.

Formal Situations.

Like office attire, a lot of clothing does not blend well with evening wear, including party dresses and ball gowns. When a fur coat would be too excessive for you, layer a trench jacket across your dress (you’ll get much more use out of it!).

It will cool you down and your dress intact during your next engagement, formal dinner, or gala. Blake Lively and Marion Cotillard both swear by it.

We hope you enjoyed our trench coat stylebook and learned how to dress a trench coat. It’s easy to understand why trench coats are so popular among women.




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