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Facebook’s inconsistent advertising policy for small bra and lingerie retailers

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Harper Wilde, a startup that sells basic cheap bras, has been advertising on Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram since it launched its retailer about a year ago. As a result, the company was surprised when it suddenly deleted all the ads in July. According to an email from Fortune magazine, Facebook told Harper Wilder that these ads violated the advertising policy prohibiting nudity and sexuality.

The retailer said that its ads have not changed, and none of them is particularly sexy. One of them has a bra on the lavender background, while the other shows women wearing the product.

Facebook rejected an advertisement from Harper Wilde and used this nude photo to get a lavender background. Photo courtesy of Harper Wilde.
“This is frustrating for us because everything our company represents is disinfecting this product,” said Harper Wilde co-founder Jenna Kerner. “This is the most basic commodity for women, like a razor or a mattress. It’s frustrating to see an outdated view with a bra on a colored background.”

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A Facebook spokesperson said in an email that Harper Wilde’s ad was removed because it linked to a landing page containing nude art, which violated the company’s advertising policy for “adult content.” They stated that Facebook’s advertising policy does not allow excessively visible skin or cleavage or images to be focused on any individual’s body parts, even if there is no clear sexual behavior.

Harper Wilde is not the first bra manufacturer to say it has been unfairly attacked by social networks. Berlei Australia and Curvy Kate also opposed ads that were banned in the past. The question of how Facebook regulates advertising – and whether it will make the process consistent and transparent – has also been problematic in other industries. Take cryptocurrencies and “initial coin products” (a way to raise money using cryptocurrencies): Facebook banned the promotion of both ads in January, but overturned the overall ban only a few months later. Instead, the company said it would decide the ad on a case-by-case basis and pointed out that “qualification may be subject to conditions and restrictions that Facebook may decide.”

This seems to be the same as the company’s fuzzy standard for managing ads like Harper Wilde. Advertising bras are technically allowed, but companies can’t determine if their ads will escape the “adult content” tag. However, some in the industry say that Facebook generated $39.9 billion in advertising revenue in 2017 and it seems unlikely that it will ban large companies from advertising.

Heidi Zak, co-founder and co-CEO of ThirdLove, said that as her business grew and she began investing more in Facebook and Instagram ads, she faced fewer obstacles in getting approval for advertising.

The Facebook representative told Fortune magazine that “all ads are reviewed in the same way, whether they are advertisers or smaller advertisers.”

Zach said Facebook should reconsider its approach to advertising such as bras. “Many of them are data-driven; no one is sitting in the ad now,” she said. “But for this type of topic, a more personalized interaction with the content is needed.”

Harper Wilde’s Kerner agrees that Facebook needs to think more carefully about what these ads actually represent. “When it comes to supporting women or getting women to get the products they need every day, it’s frustrating to see Facebook pushing the boundaries of so many things,” she said.

And not only the basic problems of women will encounter problems. Jeff White, the company’s chief financial officer and chief financial officer who led LGBTQ + men’s underwear, said by email that he saw the same inconsistency between the company’s ads submitted to Facebook and Instagram. “Even with very specific targeting and very conservative images and language, we may only approve 50% of the ads,” he said. White added that about half of those approved were stopped in the middle of advertising campaigns. The company also completely terminated one of its advertising accounts.

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Boxer or panties: Who is more suitable for men? Science finally has the answer

The study was found behind the results of a study released last year that found that the number of male spermatozoa from Australia, North America and Europe has fallen by nearly 60% over the past four decades.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem said that such a sharp decline in a short period of time indicates that the lifestyle of modern Western society makes it harder for men to become fathers.

It determined that the average annual decline in male sperm concentration in these areas was as high as 1.4%.

“The results are very shocking,” said epidemiologist Hagai Levine, who is in charge of the study.

“Given the importance of sperm count on male fertility and human health, this study urgently requires researchers and health authorities around the world to investigate the causes of a sharp decline in sperm count and target prevention.”

The Royal Australian College of General Medicine says that male infertility can be caused by a variety of physiological conditions, including anatomical or genetic abnormalities, systemic or neurological diseases, infections and trauma.

“But in 30% to 40% of male infertility cases, no cause was found,” it said.

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How does this underwear brand achieve great success by excluding gender from the equation?

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Tailor’s frustration – and some encouragement from her wife Naomi Gonzalez – driving Fran Dunaway to bring masculine dresses to women. But when the couple noticed that they were boxer briefs flying over the boxing ring – instead of button-type shirts, they realized they had found their hero. – Tell Kate Rockwood

Fran: I want a cool button shirt, like Ben Sherman or Robert Graham, I can’t find it.

Naomi: I encourage her to start this business because she complains.

Fran: We didn’t bother looking for a job – I am an executive producer of a political media strategy company, Naomi is a massage therapist. We chose the name TomboyX because Naomi and I both thought they were kids, and we launched a Kickstarter within 30 days to raise $75,000.

In the first month, we almost quit. We started with this explosion and then responded to a drop in energy. In the fourth week, when our friend said, “When you don’t give up, we basically decided to leave.” So we devoted ourselves to that week – it was fun, trying to get people’s attention – we pushed it aside .

Honestly, this is a terrible moment. I am only 53 years old. Suddenly, I have to use up my money without messing up. You are looking for a bank account that is being reduced, and it is easy to doubt yourself. My parents are from Mississippi, I have a small rental house there, and we joked that this is our backup retirement plan.

Naomi: We had some friends who thought that TomboyX was not a good name. They are worried that we will disappoint people.

Fran: But we almost immediately noticed that the name caused a lot of attention. So we tried to put it on something different: shoes, belts, hats. Naomi handled the customer service call and she said that someone called to ask us to make boxer briefs for women. I typed “female boxer panties” on a department store website, the only one that appeared was Spanx. I am pretty sure this is not what most boys want. So we decided to order 600 pairs of underwear, tailored specifically for women, we sold 450 pairs before stocks even arrived at our office. Shirts sold well, but when we started selling underwear, our revenue tripled in six months.

Naomi: We met the founder of Tommy Bahama and he told us: “Find your hero product and delve into it. Build a strong follower.” With underwear, we thought we had a vein, but we Hit an artery. It just took off.

Fran: In 2015, we joined the accelerator MergeLane in Boulder, Colorado, and obtained the branding of the advertising company Crispin Porter + Bogusky through a cash stake. That is the chance for our rainbow unicorn. Naomi and I really revolved around this is a real career idea, we have reorganized the entire brand of underwear. We are not telling anyone – men or women or men or gender neutrals – how to become calm. We think you are cool, and underwear is the perfect “close to your skin” layer to confirm. This goes beyond gender, scale and skin tone. We don’t have everyone – but we are for anyone.

Because our hero products start with customer suggestions, we are a little obsessed with customer input. Let people tell you this is the first time they feel their skin is comfortable? This has aroused this profound sense of responsibility. Our latest swimwear category comes from customers who say they are eager to wear on the beach. You don’t know what you will hear before you listen.

One day, when the 11-year-old Zoey came with her parents, we were at the office. She is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, traveling with her family on a RV. She asks them to stay in Seattle so she can visit our headquarters. She makes us cry, and the brand is of great significance to this young tomboy in Wyoming. Zoey was the first girl to form a local football team. When she hit the field, she wore a TomboyX temporary tattoo under her football helmet.

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Happy feet! Wiz Khalifa launches a limited edition of a vibrant collection of socks and underwear inspired by his songs and fun-filled personality

Multi-platinum sales, Grammy and Golden Globe nominee recording artist Wiz Khalifa and Happy Socks launched a limited edition autumn and winter collection.

The collection includes six pairs of colorful soft combed cotton socks inspired by some songs from 30 years ago. It also includes two pairs of men’s boxers and two pairs of women’s underwear, as well as four pairs of mini children’s socks to commemorate his son Sebastian.

‘This series is very interesting and unique. This is very similar to me. This is the fusion of my entire personality,” Wizz said. The price range for the series ranges from $8 to $52.

Print design includes witty paisley feeling ‘House in the Hills’, modern camouflage style ‘No Limit’, vintage floral ‘Pretty Nights’, marbled mottled ‘Black and Blue’, generous ‘top floor’ and great opening The ‘Raw’ of the eye.

The palette is rich in seasonal colours, full of summer tones and vibrant style.

Six pairs of soft combed cotton socks are available as a single piece and limited edition designer box.

Since 2008, Happy Socks has had the opportunity to work with many artists, including Jimmy Fallon and Keith Haring, as well as Someday Somewhere and Montana Cans.

The Wiz series was filmed by photographer Emma Holley in Los Angeles, California.

These images capture the singer’s lounging in a lush environment while using the new designs of the Happy Socks collection, jeans, white sneakers, print party shirts and jewellery.

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Jumper Threads claims that their mint underwear will keep you fresh all day long

Sometimes it is not easy to keep fresh. In the summer, the outside is so hot and sticky, you will naturally regret leaving a beautiful air-conditioned home, your underwear is very common with your body.

JUMPER Threads, a clothing company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, has developed a new type of underwear (currently seeking funding for Kickstarter) designed to keep you fresh, especially your trash and hawthorn. They asked, how did they do it? Well, the underwear is made of organic mint. Doesn’t this sound refreshing?

The company uses mint to make what they call “the freshest underwear on the planet”, a natural antibacterial (antibacterial agent) that is made through a special blend of mint fabric, ProModal and elastic fabric. Promodal is a combination of Modal and Tencel, made of birch and eucalyptus. Modal is responsible for the soft texture of the underwear, while Tencel provides absorption.

“Our quest began 18 months ago when a textile mill supplied yarn made from mint fiber,” said JUMPER Threads co-founder Daniel Redlinger. “We think this is perfect for underwear because it has antibacterial properties, so we started to develop a custom blend that has the touch and feel that everyone would like. After a year and a half, we found the result.”

Peppermint fibers are formed when menthol and other active ingredients are removed from the natural leaves by vigorous wet spinning. Once the fibers are dried, they are then spun into yarns that are combined with other materials to create a highly absorbent and fresh undergarment that is known as “smooth, silky, elastic.” In order to maintain its antibacterial rate of more than 90%, the company ensures that the mint fiber is more than 30% in the total mixture. In addition, JUMPER’s underwear uses 35% mint, 60% ProModal and 5% elastin.

“Mint fiber is an organic and rich fiber,” Redlinger said. “It is also a natural anti-odor, or a natural ‘odor blocker’. As for safety, of course, all active ingredients such as menthol are treated.”

The end result is a pair of underwear, said to be soft to the touch, light and ventilated, strong, absorbent, absorbs any moisture, and keeps you fresh all day long. Because of the mint, the underwear also has an antibacterial effect, so it can naturally resist the thiol alcohol molecules, which is the cause of the body odor caused by sweat.

“[No] add any chemicals, they are absolutely natural and environmentally friendly,” Redlinger said.

At the same time, JUMPER Threads plans to expand their product line in the near future to incorporate mint technology into more apparel products such as undershirts and socks.

“Mint is something we think can fit into all the styles of clothing. We are currently modifying the blend of our undershirts and making practical socks with mint yarn,” Redlinger said.

At the same time, the active gear company returned to Kickstarter to fund their mint underwear campaign after success with Action Jacket last year.

“Kickstarter is a great platform for building products for everyone,” Redlinger said. “Although we have been developing underwear for more than a year, Kickstarter allows us to share our information and collect feedback. We have good followers in the last two projects, and our supporters remain loyal. With such a big idea We want to share every step of the final production of underwear.”

Keep in mind that the JUMPER Threads Peppermint Tech underwear is still a prototype until it is in the hands of consumers. But even if it has exceeded its $30,000 goal, you can still support Kickstarter activities for just $1.

In addition, the event has some early specials starting at $16 or more, which is $2 less than the retail price. In the entry level suit, you will receive a pair of women’s grey mint underwear (bikini style), or you can promise $54 or more, retail price of $30, men’s three pairs of mint underwear (boxer underwear) classic or bold colors. Unfortunately, the early bird specials for a pair of men’s underwear disappeared.

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Rita Ora flashes thong underwear in the smashing red carpet wardrobe failure

When the body showed her incredible physique on her body at the UNICEF Summer Gala in Selva, Porto, Italy on Friday night, the producers of Body On Me were certainly not shy.

Rita Ora wore a colorful silk bodice, a long skirt, and a red carpet to ensure that all eyes were on her because she was waiting for the photographer’s storm.

This 27-year-old blockbuster sparkles her tones and trimmed stitches in her thigh-grazing ruby ​​pink and purple paneled outfits, almost infiltrating the sexy and old-fashioned Hollywood glamour.

However, despite being an experienced professional in all those flashy and gorgeous events, this amazing female singer proves that even the best stars can’t get rid of those terrible wardrobe problems because when she turns around As she walked, she was dangerously close to flashing her Netherland.

There is no doubt that wearing such a flash costume, the priority of the underwear on the list is not high, and our Rita finally flashes her bright white thong underwear waiting for the onlookers.

But everyone has not lost, because the star is already overwhelmed and continues to crush her things in a true heroine style.

This full-bodied baby is a music guest to celebrate the party. Of course, she chose a gorgeous bronze smoky eyes, mascara and cappuccino lip gloss for hair and make-up for this occasion.

At the same time, her golden lock is designed to be thick, fluffy curls
Sweeping one side and sketching a beautiful face.

She used a pair of star diamond earrings and three matching shiny rings to complete the revealed ensemble, with a pair of hot red high heels to show the appearance.

The UNICEF Ambassador to China also issued a very healthy glory, which is undoubtedly her recent vacation to Sardinia, Italy, where she took off her colorful swimsuit and added her tan.

The little star who is dating a 27-year-old musician, Andrew Watt, is clearly eager to show her fans her award-winning look and play her Instagram profile in the evening to release her highlights. clothing.

She wrote, “Too excited tonight.”

“Being able to perform for charity, I will continue to work closely with children who need it.”

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Lucas di Grassi has been fined for putting on non-compliant fireproof underwear throughout the Punta de Este ePrix, after completing second to Jean-Eric Vergne.

The set engaged in a race-long discard for the win, with championship innovator Vergne keeping deny Audi Sport drivers di Grassi a first triumph of the 2017/18 season.

Pada Grassi was summoned towards the see stewards after the competition and it had been determined that after exploring the clothes, headgear and FHR [frontal head constraint, or HANS device] of the motorists it was discovered that the drivers [wore] brief flame-resistant under garments pants that are not allowed by ISC [international sports code], according for an FIA message.

The famous Formula Electronic champion was fined $10, 000 and provide three charges points, unfortunately he allowed to maintain his 1st podium complete of the time of year.

“The drivers apologised, ” continued the statement. “The Stewards consider that in this instance a fine is enough. Penalty factors [have] to become added due to the event against security regulations. ”

Di Grassi explained that he used the non-compliant clothing after running away of dried out race-suit under garments in the conditions in the coastal Uruguayan circuit previously in your day.

It was obviously a mistake that was by my part, di Grassi told Motorsport. com. It should never happen C it had been not something which I’m utilized to using.

It was a decision that I required today due to the intense heat and I sold out of under garments, and We didn’t desire to use a damp one C so I simply put a brand new one [on].

We did all of the safety that was needed with the seatbelts, with the pitstops C anything that is actually important for security was carried out.

And We didn’t believe this under garments issue will be any concern. But obviously I must remember that I should put on compliance [kit] during a competition.

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Demi Ross wears underwear because she slides her curves into a lively and pure crochet field on a shopping trip on Ibiza Island.

long sleeve tops womens

No matter where she goes, she is not strange.

On Wednesday, when she was filming content for a brand new app, Demi Ross ensured that all eyes were on her.

The 23-year-old model put on a typical lively show because she sent underwear for free on this occasion and slipped her blockbuster curve into pure crochet as she browsed the items offered.

Because she showed her seesaw on the bard’s crop, Tyga’s predecessor wore loose curls and a caramel-colored lock on her waist.

The Instagram star used her pet puppy to show off her things on the streets of Ibiza, showing her pink back.

Demi’s flawless makeup is achieved with a soft make-up color and matching scarlet sunglasses with her outfit.

As a social media influencer with more than seven million Instagram fans, it’s no wonder that the self-portrait queen is taking photos on a sunny walk.

floral shirt womens

The model looks set to launch her own app on August 22nd, expanding her horizons in the near future.

Demi is known for her killer image, and recently she used MailOnline to reveal her secret to her famous frame.

She talked about her fitness style: ‘I try to stay healthy. With travel, it’s hard to exercise, I travel around the world, but try to keep my daily work.

Glutinous rice does admit that she follows very strict eating habits to ensure she can stay in shape because of her many styles.

She explained: ‘Everyone says that I am the healthiest person they know. The most obese things I have ever eaten are nuts and peanut butter.

“My body has just gained weight so quickly. I don’t get used to any bad things in my body, just increase my weight. That means no birthday cake!”

ladies long sleeve tops

Although the brunette is known for her hot performance on social media, Demi recently admitted that performance is the career path she wants, not the model.

In an interview with the “Sun”, she revealed: “Since I went to school, the film has always been my passion.

“But the other goal is to be a Bond girl because I like the style and charm of these movies.”

In May 2016, the glutinous rice appeared on the yacht in Cannes with the 28-year-old rapper Tyga. This is his first time to become famous. This is a few weeks after he broke up with long-term love Kylie Jenner for 20 weeks.

The model was popular on social media before contacting musicians.

She now has 7.2 million fans on Instagram.

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Kylie Jenner celebrates her underwear birthday with a bottle of Kylie Jenner Clones, because YOLO?

On Monday, Kylie Jenner posted a birthday photo of a lingerie package on Instagram to commemorate her 21-year limited edition make-up collection on earth. In the picture, all the parties are…here.

The picture has five Kylies, all of which are slightly different. They either drink champagne or drink from a single cup, because the important day is August 10 and YOLO. This seems to be a wonderful time, TBH, which is a good description of my feelings when I canceled the plan and left it alone at home:

The cosmetics collection was also launched on Monday (about an hour after the photo was posted to Instagram), including a limited edition lipstick, eye shadow palette and more.

Everything is very bright, colorful and sparkling, just like the shooting itself.

Anyway, all these photos make me think it’s Friday, but it’s definitely just Tuesday, and now I have to deal with this.

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Women’s underwear underwear editors buy a lot

women's long sleeve blouses

I am a fashion editor and I am responsible for underwear, so I can see a wide variety of women’s underwear on my desk – bras, corsets, tights and other underwear. This is not uncommon.

The brand sent me their products for review (this is a huge job), so I can confidently say that I have tested a lot of products. Despite my professional expertise, my own private underwear drawers are cruel and cruel, urgently needed to organize, and beyond the works I have never touched. (Which of the “special occasions” items you got at the right time? Yes, they just took up space.) Every morning I was looking for the special pair that I really like, which needs to be rummaged through my collection. confusion. This is not an ideal routine.

bodycon maxi dress

Then, about six months ago, everything changed: delivery from the French traditional lingerie brand Chantelle, including the Soft Stretch 2.0 bikini sample, followed by the new version of the Soft Stretch series. I usually don’t get excited about such things.

I tried a lot of underwear in my days, and few people like a relatively simple monochrome underwear surprised me. But this is different. Do you know the commercial advertisements for these allergy drugs, when a person can finally breathe and see again after suffering from itching and congestion? This is my attempt at this underwear.

Chantelle’s Soft Stretch collection features thongs, sleek, bikini and high-rise briefs, including black, white and nude, as well as blue, pink and grey. They retail for $18 per pair and are sold for $75 or $5 for $75. The same stunning soft stretch-knit fabrics include vests, crop tops and tights.

What distinguishes the Soft Stretch 2.0 series from the other underwear I come across is the way the fabric grips your body without losing its elasticity – I immediately noticed that the seamless material is bonded, which means it It is flexible and has a better waistband appearance and leg openings as a whole, rather than laser cutting; in addition, it does not slide up and down, nor wear, which is another problem I often encounter.

floral semi formal dresses
Before I found this line, I had special underwear for all occasions: moisture wicking during exercise, regular cotton change every day, carefree clothes and so on. Frankly speaking, this is exhausting. This part of my equipment, you can’t even see it, it takes too much brain power. But with Chantelle’s Soft Stretch 2.0 bikini, I don’t have to think about changing underwear – they’re all integrated: the July fitness class is breathable and quick-drying, lightweight, comfortable enough and actionable all day, and smooth enough to avoid Panties line.

Since I first met Chantelle’s Soft Stretch 2.0, I have ordered 15 pairs of bikini briefs and have abandoned most of my existing lingerie collections. More importantly, I vowed never to endure the underestimation. This is a small matter, people.