Moms slammed the target, Wal-Mart’s “prostitute style” shorts

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Mothers are adopting social media methods, calling on Target and Wal-Mart to choose a limited girl fashion.

A mother using the name Assignment:Mom shared her frustration with the target department store chain on Facebook.

“Dear goal, you know that I love you…but we need to talk about girls for a minute,” she wrote in a Facebook post that the post has received more than 6,000 responses. “More specifically, we need to talk about the services you have recently provided in the sportswear sector. It’s ridiculous.”
The four mothers in the Midwest continue to describe how she turned to Target to buy sports shorts for her nearly 10-year-old daughter who is going to the basketball camp.

However, my mother did not complain about wearing shorts for this girl. All she could find was “small, very small, too short shorts.”

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“By definition, I think shorts are short. But where are the mid-length shorts? Shorts that are close to the knees? Those shorts that don’t require built-in underwear will undoubtedly make her feel uncomfortable?” She vented.

Mission: Mom, raising three daughters, said she tried the women’s department – but could not find anything.

“I don’t think I am very cautious, but I have no responsibility to teach my daughters to be modest and proper dress. We live in a culture full of sex; I hope I can buy my tween without worrying about her. The back or her underwear is wearing a pair of sports shorts,” she wrote on Facebook.

In the post, she said she eventually bought her daughter’s shorts in the boy’s section and begged Target to “make our girls do better.”

Homework: Mom told Fox News, “I don’t have any maliciousness about Target. I know I am free to shop elsewhere (and I do.) But she added that she’s “disappointed with such a store, so many moms. Buying essentials does not provide an alternative to sports girls because they don’t want to wear sports shorts.”

Local fashion startup Jumper Threads launches mint panties

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Jumper Threads – Multiple CityBeat Best Cincinnati Staff Picking Champions (2016 for their “underfrump” – Eliminate sweatshirts and 2017 socks) – Introducing a range of new lingerie: Super soft ProModal triangle made with antibacterial mint leaves pants. And they are actually more like panties and bikinis than panties…

Men’s and women’s underwear are made from all-natural mint fiber. According to the Jumper website, “Everyone knows that mint leaves are cool and refreshing, but this rich organic fiber also adds strength and natural deodorant properties to textiles. We have been designing, sourcing and customizing for the past 18 months. Milling ultra-soft, antimicrobial and Action Ready underwear… suitable for places that need to stay cool and refreshing.”

Jumper is a local company founded by former Army Ranger and paratrooper Daniel Redlinger and outdoor fashion designer Andrew Mallett, specializing in functional and stylish clothing; suitable for your clothes, looks good.

suit underwear

The joint venture began to use their signature sweatshirts, which will never be broken and eliminate “under-inflated”. For Redlinger, this is a personal mission. He can’t find a shirt that is kept inside and not made of cheap cotton. He founded Jumper in 2015 – the name is a tribute to his military era – and recently through the OTR launch accelerator Brandery to help his dream product realization.

Niche outdoor apparel companies have expanded into hoodies, sweatpants (the most popular sports jogger ever produced) and Jumper Labs action jackets. Where did they kill it? Accessories. In particular, their performance socks are described as “work, play, do all the socks.”

Now they are entering the latest trend: super soft underwear. Companies like MeUndies and Tommy John are actively opening up markets to millennials and others on the media platform, trying to attract casual wear audiences through the promise of comfortable underwear.

For the past 18 months, Jumper has been working on a new design that incorporates Mint Technology to provide antimicrobial protection in a comfortable Modal fabric. Pre-ordered on Kickstarter at noon on Tuesday, July 24.

Brooke Burke’s sports bra in Malibu features a tight-fitting sports bra

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After nearly seven years of marriage, she announced her breakup with her husband David Charvet in April.

Three months later, Brooke Burke was found to show off her incredible figure in a sports bra and matching tights.

The 46-year-old television celebrity showed her flat belly on the appearance of a fitness class in Malibu on Monday.

Brooke’s bodybuilding arms, shoulders and abdomen are wearing dark blue sports bras.

She is paired with tights and a pair of black sneakers.

Her long hair chocolate brown hair is pulled into the top ponytail and adds black sunglasses to add a touch of style.

suit underwear

In a health interview, Brooke talked about the importance of exercise: “I need to sweat and make adrenaline surge. It is the best antidepressant. It is like the best medicine in the world.

She revealed in 2012 that she had undergone surgery after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer; she later revealed that all cancers were successfully removed.

After nearly seven years of marriage, the model split with her husband David Charvet in April.

She shared her 10-year-old Charvet-Shaya and 11-year-old Heaven Rain with her two youngest children, and two children – Neriah, 18, and Sierra, 16 – who was with her plastic surgeon Garth Fisher The first marriage.

The latest photo of Elizabeth Hurley started as a trio, but made headlines

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In an earlier interview, Elizabeth Hurley stated very frankly that her 15-year-old son sometimes stood on her Instagram like her photographer and photographed suit underwear. This opened the floodgates of online criticism and discussed whether this was a proper mother and son’s wrongdoing. That noise is still continuing today.

Damian Hurley was 16 years old this month. When Elizabeth posted photos of her and her son as a birthday memory, critics reappeared. This time in the picture she attacked her in the collar of the collar. Some people think this is too much for a mother who is posing with her teenage son. One critic even thinks she is an “embarrassing mom”, as reported in the previous Inquisitr article.

Hurley’s son posted the latest “Sexy Sexy Photo of Son” on Instagram, which is a photo of how Some-E-Cards described the photo. It seems that the only “surprising” thing about this picture may be people’s comments. Elizabeth Herley was wearing a French maid costume, apron, fishnet stockings and a small ribbon on the hair. She sat down with her royal co-star, Joan Collins, dressed in a dress that resembled your expectation.

Collins’s clothing consists of a long-sleeved dress and a bright red window frame. Joan also wears gloves and jewelry and can easily pass the crown jewels. The ladies must be wearing this photo of the costume. This photo was taken in the royal family. Then sandwiched between the two British stages and the screen icon is Damian Hurley. Here is the photo.

According to Page Six, this photo was first published a few days ago on Damian Hurley’s Instagram page. It seems to have been posted to Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram page today. When this article was written on Sunday, it was published 4 hours ago based on the timestamp of the post. In the first four hours of posting on Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram page, it has gathered nearly 18,000 likes. Although the clothing worn by Elizabeth may be considered sexy, not much in this picture may lead to “alarms.”

The headlines describing this photo may be a bit excessive. The title of Some-E-Cards, “Elizabeth Holly released amazing sexy pictures with her son – this is not the first time,” is one of many people today. When it catches your eyes, there is really something “amazing” about the pictures of her sons Liz Hurley and Joan Collins. Most headlines seem to forget to mention that there is a third person in this picture.

The headline news seems to indicate that this is a “naughty” or “sexy” photo of Hurley and her son, as reported on the title of the sixth page: “Elisabeth Holly and her son took another picture Sexy photo.”Yes, but what about Joan Collins? ? It looks like the famous actress is invisible in the subway headline. As this headline reports: “Elizabeth Hermi dressed like a sexy maid and it is amazing to wear a beautiful suit underwear behind her 16-year-old son.”

Elizabeth, Damian, and Joan’s latest work, as well as the commentary on the bikini pictures, may be reminiscent of a hill. Elizabeth Hurley’s model bikini released on her Instagram is part of her business Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

She not only designs swimwear but also makes and sells her own works. There is only 250,000 positions in one position and 80,000 positions in another position. This easily shows how Hurley’s marketing strategy works. People flock to her Instagram page and find a macho man for her actress in her latest work.

At the same time, the son she is learning to be a photographer is taking some of these photos for his mother so that she can post photos online, which is part of her business. This is the information she conveyed in her recent interview. She also said that Damian is actually very good at taking these pictures.

As far as Hurley and her son Damian’s latest work is concerned – let’s not forget Joan Collins – they seem to be more like stopping for a minute while shooting their show, and someone has photographed them on the camera. Damian has appeared in the last few seasons of the Royals because he is said to be following his mother’s Hollywood.

Elizabeth Hurley posted this trio photo on her Instagram page today. She has been in the attack for the past few days after Damian was posted on his website, and has since done so. Her title invites the audience to listen and watch her “Favorite episode” of the fourth quarter tonight.

In the past few days, this photograph has attracted widespread attention. Elizabeth Hurley’s businesswomen seem to know how to benefit her. After all the slander about the web, with the influx of people, this photo will leave a little advertisement for the exhibition.

Karlie Kloss Glistens Bubble Gum Pink Dress’s Major Cleavage at NYC’s Swarovski Shop Celebration

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She is Victoria’s secret lingerie model from 2011 to 2014.

But Thursday, Karlie Kloss decided to abandon her suit underwear when she attended the Swarovski Times Square store celebration in New York City.

Because of her unique bubble gum pink dress, the 25-year-old model must have become quite avatar.

This costume is characterized by a large number of fall-in collars, which constitute her rich assets, while the hem is always down to her shins.

Jet black high heels add a few inches to her impressive 6-foot-2 frame, and she chooses to keep warm under her black jacket over her shoulder.

Accessories include shiny bracelets worn on the left wrist, as well as some fairly large chandelier earrings.

Her golden lock is divided on the left, the subtle blush, the smallest eye make-up and the rose-colored lipstick ensure the hangers are ready for photography.

Of course, other stars can also participate in sparkling events.

The 38-year-old death-beating star Morena Bacarin chose a monochrome ensemble.

She wears a black and white top blouse with black and white skirts, including the left leg.

The 24-year-old soul surf actor Anna Sophia Robb shines her black bra with a translucent black turtleneck sweater.

Black leather trousers and some magenta pointed rasps make her look more perfect.

The beauty of the Cayman Islands, Seli Tayybanks, is 35 years old. She is more formal and wears a tan rug suit underwear.

However, she did choose not to wear a bra. The legs of the trousers were fastened to the outside of each leg with buttons.

Should children wear pajamas to wear suit underwear? Here are the layers you need to know

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I remember my son’s first pair of “big boy’s underwear” – they had Yo Gabba Gabba figures printed on them. Yes, he always wears these, because of course they are his favorite pair. He even wore them to sleep. But am I wrong? Does his part need breathing space at night? The more widespread concern is that children are wearing pajamas or pajamas or are not engaged in my thoughts honestly.

Research on whether or not suit underwear should be worn is contradictory at best. Some people are in the camp of “absolutely not wearing underwear to sleep,” while others are more cautious, as the Live Science report pointed out, it has certain advantages in certain situations, but overall, This is not a big problem. For genetic females, genetic males may also be different from males. As one of the scientific warnings pointed out, men wear tights in the evening may cause concern, and science considers loose boxers or commandos. But is this important for boys and men?

The reason why men do not wear underwear at night is that it has an adverse effect on sperm production by limiting and heating the testicles. According to Planned Parenthood, it does not matter whether the boy begins to produce sperm until puberty, usually around the age of 10 or 12. Therefore, the only imaginable reason for keeping your kiddo commandos at night is ostensibly expelling air out of the area, which is the same reason that genetic women need to go underwear-free. The idea is that trapped air, heat and moisture can cause infections and other related problems.
I want a clear answer as to whether your child should wear underpants under pajamas, so I had a conversation with Dr. Jamie Nguyen DNP, a pediatric nurse practitioner. She told dresses that this is a matter of personal preference. “If you don’t, and your children know that you do this, unless they like it, they have no reason to wear suit underwear at night.” Why they shouldn’t wear it or have no strong reason. She said that children may have similar genitourinary infections in adults but usually do not have the same frequency or severity. The only reason to go to a commando team is if they are prone to urinary tract infections or candidiasis.

Nguyen said that encouraging good hygiene habits and hygiene habits is more important than care about underwear at night. “How to wipe properly with your child, for girls who mean front-to-back, work with your child to know how to properly clean and treat their genital area and try to keep it dry,” she said . If your child wears zippered pants or other training pants at night, consider waking up and going to the bathroom a few hours after going to sleep to reduce the amount of trousers that can cause irritation and rashes.

Finally, like most parenting, this is a matter of personal preference and choice. I wear underwear and my daughter wears underwear, but now my son is out of his Muno underwear. He prefers his pajamas or shorts, much like my husband. There seems always to be a debate around this issue, which is hardly a problem. Honestly, can you blame your child for keeping underwear? I mean, my daughter has Wonder Woman and Black Panther vulgar. In any case, they are too cool to give up for 10 hours every night.

Is new underwear worth it? They have a waiting list of 30,000 people for a reason

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There is a problem in the lives of every young person. It is time to drive away falling, horse-riding, uncomfortable thongs and youth shorts, and invest in sustainable underwear. For some people, maybe this is fancy underwear. For others, perhaps it’s good to buy good Hanes in bulk. for me? I am looking for incredible underwear that is both comfortable and cute. There wasn’t much wrinkling or overdoing, only solid basic knowledge. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t wince. I have never tried any of Everlane’s products, so when the brand launched underwear, I was not interested. But then I heard that these underwear had a waiting list of 30,000 people. I’m curious.

If 30,000 people believe that these lingeries will be amazing, then I think that letting them try my ultimate journey of happiness in the underwear is not a painful thing. It is important to know that the popular part of suit underwear is intrinsically linked to the popularity of Everlane. The brand is known for its comfortable, sturdy and well-made foundation. I have never seen anyone who thinks Everlane is okay. In my experience, there are two types of people in this world: Everlane fans, and those who have never tried Everlane. The steadfast dedication of these fans is such that I am quite sure that Everlane can release a linen bag and people will line up around this block. As a person who does not have any opinion on Everlane, I think it is very comfortable to try underwear without any prejudice.

When the personalized cardboard underwear bag arrived at my desk, I was already very charming. I opened the box and found a pair of Heather Grey bikini underwear, a black bra, a smorgasbord (yes, really) for underwear drawers, and an underwear bag. I mean, this is very cute. I immediately felt that I should compost and go to the farmers market more often. But I must stay focused and fair. I do not intend to distract me with this tiny (albeit smelly) miscellaneous bag, but I do not know how many people in these underwear want these things.

For all the low-key and charming details of the packaging, these lingeries do not seem to have anything special. They are $12, gray cotton, er, that’s it. Their size is XXS (000) and size is XL (14), so I chose the size 14 that corresponds to my usual trouser size. I’m usually not a fan of bikini underwear style because I prefer high waistline, but I have to say… This almost changed my mind.

If you are looking for a pair of underwear that covers the entire butt and/or has a higher rise, these are not for you. However, these are very comfortable. They are soft and not delicate, and at the same time this cut is cute and sexy to some degree – a perfect balance between design and everyday practicality. They stretch in all the right places while still feeling safe and comfortable, never pinching or tightening. As the website described, they were easy to wear and did not feel that they were wearing anything.

Although bikini-style suit underwear is still not my favorite thing (I’m glad to be able to buy Everlane’s high-level trendy underwear), it is undeniable that these underwear is very good. I feel good under my clothes, but I just walk in my apartment. As the largest size of the size, as well as the size range from 12 to 16, depending on the store, I am certainly a little nervous, especially after reading some small details of their size – 14 pieces. However, these are great lingeries. There may even be a waiting list of 30,000 underwear. If they are uncomfortable and only have $12, will I say the same? Maybe not. But the combination of quality and price is hard to argue with.

In other lingerie, Everlane now also sells a The Bra and a Bodysuit. Although I haven’t tried tights yet, the bra is just a big chest to me, so as a small bra I may have to reduce the size from XL to L to avoid dropping the straps. The next thing to try on my list is The Bodysuit, which I really hope – if it’s like underwear, I might just officially call myself one of Everlane’s big fans.

Photo of Paris Jackson rock red bra and suit underwear in bathtub, saying she’s ‘sorry’, eating ‘spooky’ candy

suit underwear

Paris Jackson recovered from the wild 20th birthday carnival, stripped her suit underwear and sat in a flower-filled bathtub. She also ate some foreign chocolate, went out with her dog, and listened to several classic records. However, it seems that someone (or a few people) makes it difficult for the daughter of the popular legend Michael Jackson to enjoy a relaxing day at home.

On Sunday, Paris Jackson shared two bizarre Instagram photos. In the snapshot, she sits in a bathtub full of white and pink roses. She wore a red bra and matching lace underwear with a shy look on her face. Her lipstick and eye makeup were smeared and it looked like she might have tears on her cheeks. Paris did not explain whether the picture was a candid shot or part of a photo shoot. It simply labeled her Instagram slide. “I’m sorry.”

According to E report! News, Paris Jackson celebrated his birthday party at HYDE Sunset in West Hollywood on Friday night at the age of 20. According to W Magazine, a person who was apparently missing from a celebrity guest who participated in the carnival was the model and actor Cara Delevingne. Paris and Kara shot a kiss a few weeks ago.

After a fierce confrontation with Paris Hilton and Chris Brown, Jackson seemed to decide to take a break from her birthday weekend. She spends her time Sunday at home with her dog and listening to her impressive vinyl record collection. Classic rock lovers share some of these photos, including the albums of the Beatles, John Lennon, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mack, James Taylor, and Van Haren.

In her Instagram story, Paris Jackson revealed that one of her birthday presents was some “weird” candy. In a series of videos, she is in some popular British and Australian candy bars including Crunchie, Violet Crumble and Curly Wurly.

“I didn’t realize what a bizarre candy from another country would be,” she said before taking a bite of Crunchie. “My Newcastle friend bought me these for my birthday.”

After taking a bit of violet, Jackson was shocked by the taste. She exclaimed: “Sacred!” Then she asked her followers to find out the filling of candy suit underwear (this is a honeycomb taffy. ). She revealed that the favorite candy bar she has tried is Curly Wurly.

In another video, Paris Jackson, after introducing the audience to a friend who ended his friendship with social media, breathed a sigh of relief from the glass tube. She also sang a song “How many people are sucking.” It is unclear whether she remembered the above friends when she was singing.

“But it’s cool because I have my dog ​​here and she’s great,” said Paris.

The post-birthday Instagram video of the Paris Jackson series also provided her fans with some suggestions.

“When something happens to you, go back and ask yourself, if you try your hardest,” she said to the camera. “If you do this, then you have nothing to feel bad.”

The best suit underwear for your spring wardrobe

suit underwear

Putting on the winter layer of spring clothes is one of the things we really like about spring cleaning. However, with the increase in seasonal closet turnover, the problem of how to store all the right basic parts for your suit underwear drawer appears every year. Because let’s face it: There’s nothing more destructive than VPL or the wrong bra strap. Please read on below to understand what adjustments you should make to various equipment so that you can see your best from the inside out this season.

1. At the gym, yoga or jogging: “The most important thing about your panties for the gym is that it is comfortable, portable, and breathable,” says Laetitia Lecigne, creative director of Jockey. “Thus, you want your underwear to have good stretchability and resilience, will not penetrate into it, and look for patterns with moisture wicking function, and use a cotton lining in the pad area. In addition, yoga pants It’s usually very fit and nothing is more difficult to penetrate than your panties.” “Brit + Co Pick: Jockey Air Seamfree Thong ($13)

2. Silky under the skirt: “Be careful! Silk is a tricky fabric, especially on a tights, and will show a tight dress with everything below,” warned Lecigne. “The key to choosing a non-displayable underwear is to choose a lightweight fabric that does not stretch or waist too much.” Brit + Co Pick: Natori Bliss Perfection Thong ($ 15)

suit underwear

3. Under white jeans: “Although jeans can be elastic, they are usually heavier than women wearing other clothes. If you are a fan like thong, thick underwear fabric will definitely improve your jeans. Cloth experience, “Lecigne said. “Cotton suit underwear can help reduce the roughness of the rough denim of a hard denim.” Brit + Co Pick: Wacoal Surpasses Naked Cotton Fashion Panties ($18)

4. Under the leadership of Flippy Sundress: Lecigne pointed out: “You can put on any clothes you like under a light dress. “I like to have some fun and add a low color popular boysshort, so if the wind flips Your clothes are not worried and you are covered. If you have bruises in summer when you experience wetness and high temperatures, shorts will be your best friend. Look for long and short legs and a lot of color to make them invisible below. “Brit + Co Pick: Aerie Lace Boyshort ($13)

5. Under T-shirts or T-shirts: “Under the T-shirt, everything is displayed, so your bra should fit perfectly. I like bras with a soft cup and a sleek, lightweight fabric. Make sure the back does not dig in because The narrower and narrower your bra, the more you will show through your T-shirt, “Lecigne pointed out. “On the other hand, if you think you need to tighten the straps too much, then you may not be wearing the right size. Also, make sure the cup has a round lightweight foam lining. This will give you a nice projection and Keep your assets facing north.” Brit + Co Pick: Chantelle Champs Elysees Smooth Custom Bra ($88)

7. In a halter top or hem: “There are only a few options for open back dresses or tops. Stickers can give you some lift, but make sure they are placed very well! Also, be careful because sweat and makeup can affect the glue. And make them less viscous.”Lecigne also mentioned that you should,” often checked to ensure that there will not be any allergies to the glue or silicone used in the adhesive, in the application, raised his arms to obtain Best coverage and support.If you really need bra support, you can professionally sew your strapless bra to your top or skirt.” “Brit + Co Pick: Hollywood Silicone CoverUps ($13)

Suit underwear is not the best hiding place

Sturgeon lake people have learned the hard way, suit underwear is a place where the police will find hiding drugs.

Dorian Anakian Harvey, sturgeon lake, was sent to jail for 45 days in a court in March 5th.

A small amount of methamphetamine was found in his suit underwear, when he was in prison, the federal prosecutor Cameron McCoy told the court.

Harvey passed the medicine to another prisoner and gave it back to him.

He was caught two times on the spot, “Mccoy said.

“His behavior shows that he has drug problem,” D.R. Shynkar said. The judge is sentencing.

At the time of his arrest, Harvey had already ordered the court not to contact a named woman and not to have drugs.

Harvey spent eight days in Pease Leaf correctional hospital waiting to appear in court.

Harvey also appeared in court to accept other similar allegations and pleaded guilty. In addition, he was fined 800 yuan, plus a fine of 240 yuan, a fine of 300 yuan, plus an additional fee of 90 yuan, which failed to comply with the relevant conditions of another file.

The accusation is because he found a small amount of methamphetamine in possession, which violated the conditions of prohibition of carrying drugs.