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I try “smart underwear” to keep you dry and they wear more than me

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Suit underwear is a piece of clothing that men wear everyday, but not considered.
Man, did you find yourself shopping in lingerie for a few hours? Absolutely not.
Did you find yourself wearing underwear or have a full choice? You don’t expect to put a very uncomfortable one in the drawer, right? The answer is likely to be…
If your suit underwear keeps pulling on your legs or limiting your waistline, it may be because you have been wearing the same clothes for too long or you have bought the wrong brand.
Fortunately, Mack Weldon is a men’s clothing company selling “smart men’s underwear” is the solution to all these problems – Silver boxer underwear.

Using a combination of Pima, XT2 silver, Leica, Mike Weldon silver underwear, suit underwear is a real luxury. The blend of the material is natural, anti microbial, anti odor, and keeps you cool and dry all day.
Mack Weldon sent a couple of pairs of silver panties, and I guess I was surprised at them. Priced at $34 each, I can’t believe they will be more than other lingerie, you can buy a multi pack at a lower price.
Wearing and washing several times in the past few weeks, they are worth it.
My first impression was how comfortable they were wearing for the first time. They are characterized by a belt covering, so it won’t roll, while staying in the leg of the leg does not ride. Even wear a few times to wash, in not losing shape, like other brands.
The biggest feature is back on the front and back of the mesh belt. Underwear, no matter how hot it is outside, is a good way to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.
Underwear Companies absolutely can not do is to attach a label to the boxer’s interior, so many brands are smart enough to print sizes and instructions in it. Well, Mack Weldon has put its tag at the bottom of the leg after a step. The label is made of sharp reflective material, in light.
Filling your drawers with underwear will make you cool, comfortable and last longer than any brand you wear.
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Please don’t put your underwear in the hotel kettle

Today, we must ask you not to put your underwear in the hotel room with a kettle.
We know, we know: you never did. You never thought of doing that. But there are people in the world, so we have to take the time to explain why it’s not a good idea to put your underwear in the hotel kettle.
suit underwear boiling behavior attracted our attention, Gizmodo, who found someone in the social media to ask: “the real question:” I know, anyone clean underwear in the kettle in the travel? ‘
Obviously, this is a matter of people.
We have a quick Google, found in the hotel canteen boil their suit underwear, the people micro-blog some evidence, so, in theory, get rid of all the bacteria, so that their underwear clean, wear a day.
We can see the logic. You want clean pants, you don’t have a washing machine or a washing machine, so you put your pants in a kettle and let the heat kill anything annoying.
But it was a very, very bad idea.
On the one hand, it is dangerous. The risk in the kettle stuff in there should not be put in place will increase overheating and electrical failure, it may eventually break the kettle (explained awkwardly to the receptionist), or make your room is on fire (and even more difficult to explain to the front desk).
Besides, it’s disgusting.

Ask an expert about underwear boiling Gizmodo, they think it’s disgusting.
“It’s super, super, super, super disgusting,” says Dr. Heather Hendrickson, senior lecturer in molecular biology, noting that while boiling kills certain microbes, it doesn’t kill all of them.
Some bacterial spores resist high temperatures. If you touch them, they can damage your health.
Considering that bacteria may persist not only in your underwear, but also in the kettle, which you use to make tea, you can touch something terrible through your genitals and your esophagus. Lovely。
In addition, the hotel’s kettle is communal, in the sense that residents may drink bacteria from your pesky underwear and have left the canker and developed from you to check out.
Of course, your pants may not contain any dangerous bacteria, but why take the risk?
When you cook your underwear on a hotel issue, you will question every cup of tea you pour out of that pot, and you and all future guests. Do you really want the pressure of this responsibility on your back?
Respect. It’s wise. Don’t put your underwear in a hotel kettle, or in your kettle at home.
Just make sure you have enough underwear throughout your stay (we recommend adding three units a day, just in case). If you really cannot but in the case of a pair of inside.
Don’t ruin a good cup of tea experience for someone else in a hotel room.

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That’s not fashionable! Williams flashing her underwear in a pure floral dress in her beauty is launched in Dublin

Her launch of the flique cosmetics series in Ireland shows her support for the Charlotte Crosby.
On Wednesday night, Vogue Williams made a statement in a formal dress at a VIP banquet at the Morgan Hotel VIP room in Dublin.
Host 31 flashed through her suit underwear beneath the tight pink top number and added an obscene edge to her.
A pretty flower pattern number of purple Halter fashion, with her black underwear visible below.
Sexy belle completed her look upon a simple necklace and a pair of black high heels.
Her blonde locks on a bun, keep makeup natural, smooth pink lipstick and heavy Cole.
After a favorite Instagram, fashion 31 uploaded a picture of her in her hand with her 27 year old boyfriend Spencer Matthews, each with the same ring inscribed with letters “V” and “S”.
Perhaps their sweet romance replaced the malicious words, onslaught, vogue, and soon after the title: “yes, we are husband and wife.”!”
She went on to thank the sparkling things that created the jewels I loved for me. You are really the best.
Fashion star has been dating the former Chelsea star since appearing on the 4 channel reality show “jump” in February.
Although a moment or two years, have the problem of their relationship (she was not invited to the wedding of Pippa Middleton when she married Spencer’s brother James and Spencer was photographed with a mysterious woman are already talking about off the reel spring) their relationship is so strong.

She claims that the secret of her relationship with reality TV stars is to talk to each other too often every day.
Irish hosts are discussing her star boyfriend, soon to appear on Channel 4’s hunt and buddy Jamie Laing – to see them trying to leave the grid entirely, trying to escape the hunt for hunters from a team of experts.
In goss.ie, a native of Howth as the next of kin recalled her love time taken in during the filming of the series, said her mobile phone, the house was that Hunter hacked to death, even in her apartment unannounced.
“To tell the truth, it’s a little inconvenient for me,” she said. The hunters actually hacked into me and attacked my cell phone. They left my home.
“They uninvited to ten in the evening to try and see if I met Spencer. I don’t have make-up, I’m wearing ice cream pajamas, so I’ll look violent on that show.
At the same time, Spencer admitted that his experiences are absolutely love — which makes him hitchhiking, stay in the fields, even for food, she admitted to the people, because they communicate too much, not to talk with him is difficult.
“Yes, you know, we can’t talk,” she said.” We went for eight days without talking or seeing each other, and it was really, really hard, because we talked about 20 times a day, so that must be the hardest part.

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White underwear 2017 for any occasion

The magic white is noble, elegant, gentle, and feminine. With its help, you can easily create unique, very beautiful faces. The white suit underwear looks gentle and lovely, can be very solemn, spectacular, and cheeky. We’ll tell you about the complexity of choosing these wardrobe items, and what kind of shoes are best suited for white lace dresses.
White lace style 2017, for any occasion, choose one for you
Should you wear or don’t wear white?
It’s fair to start using suit underwear for flaws. Let’s see if we can find a way to solve the problem:
1. The material of this color must be of high quality, otherwise lace material will be cheaper. Don’t deny your good clothes. Keep your clothes on as long as possible for you. In extreme cases, allow you to buy, sell and discount at a time, but will not choose to sacrifice quality at the expense of low prices.
White lace style 2017 for any occasion
2. It’s very important that the fabric should not be transparent and you won’t like it. Lace skirts can have hands, shoulders, and other parts of the body, but in general they should look decent. You need exquisite chic, non stick.
White lace gorgeous dress.
Three. So pay attention to the subtle differences in buying. The presence of linings is not always correct. Check the fabric: it’s light, put one hand behind it. If you can see your hands clearly, the dress is too transparent.
3. To wear a white dress and white underwear. If you go black, you can look too vulgar. If the fabric of the dress is thin, the underwear should be smooth – for white clothes, this rule is very strict because of their translucency.
4. Of course, suit underwear are easy to dirty and handle with care. That’s another reason, you shouldn’t keep the quality. Remember, the sooner you try to remove dirt, the higher the probability of success. A detergent worth buying.
Fashion experts say that a white dress is no less important in your wardrobe than bright red or practical little nigger. It is used to create emotional purity and add subtle magnetism to a special soft halo around you, gentle and feminine. People will pay more attention to you, want to take care of you, protect you. Some people even say that the white things in the closet will bring good luck, happiness and stability to your personal life.

Is the white color for everyone?. But for those with dark skin, this is a good choice! You’ll have a pleasant contrast.
In Mexico, for a long time, the Mayan suit underwear and colour lace patterns. The French queen Anne of Brittany, who lived in fifteenth Century, depicts the nobility of the nobility and the lace wedding dress. The models we saw today were dressed in elegant gowns and lace folded over magazines and television screens.
The distances between these women are kilometers, thousands of thousands of years. But they have something in common – the incomparable lace dress. Nigeria ladies are among the fun, they wear elegant dresses, exquisite white lace clothes.
A suit underwear can be called a masterpiece of art. These products are sewn lace, mainly handmade, with the opportunity. Today’s fashionable lace design in Nigeria is very popular! You’ll see the number of names worn by celebrities.
Delicate and delicate, a serene beauty, which the wearer of the suit can advantageously emphasize, has long legs and high heels. Such an outfit is an originality. They can be compared with a sparkling cocktail, by the original pattern, complex shapes and patterns. No wonder one of the reasons for the popularity of French lace styles is the ability to show off your creativity, create a playful mood, and strengthen a woman’s femininity.

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The new line of nude underwear for horse racing has different skin colors and a step in the right direction

As early as March this year, the target expanded its nude collection, including a wider range of tones for “a more inclusive definition of nudity.”.” Other companies seem to follow suit, including the seamless air of horse racing, which really gives you the color collection, which has five different bare tones.
The so-called seamless air tones of your fidelity, underwear lines (and a bra) include briefs, bikinis, brief, hi cut, and trendy options. Not only the collection of nudity comes from five different shades, but they also feel like heaven, because of its light air like fabric. Only in Messi, you can buy a pair of underwear for $13, or three for $33. Bras are sold separately, priced at $25.

Because the new jockey and other designers commitment, the industry must be in the right direction – although there is a long way to go. For most children, if you select the “naked” crayon perfect organization Pandora’s box, you will find a white, brown, most people use of color in the legs, arms, face, hand – your name. Nudity has only one choice.
Thanks to an awakening of some brands – whether it’s beauty or fashion, the definition of “bare” is not just a specific color.
As early as a month, the footwear brand kahmune came out 10 different shades of bare shoes line. In 2016, the United States introduced basic skin Surat surrealist wand, which is in different shades of up to 15. When it comes to January 2017, Dior has added more shades of Diorskin forever, the general tone of 24, including three different shades of almond and deepen the beige called proline, according to New York Times.
More and more consumers are talking about their needs, and more brands will follow them. Although there are more than five, 10, or even 15 tones of nudity, this is an improved traditional definition of “nude” color. Slowly, the industry will (hopefully) follow.

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Men’s best underwear is worth every penny

Underwear is the first thing you wear, the last thing you take off, and a dress that is closer to what you value than anything you have. For those reasons, we firmly believe that people (yes, you should spend a few dollars) fine lingerie, and then add their own underwear drawer. Put it on the terms of valuable goods, and your underwear budget is just like buying a car seat entirely based on the minimum price (ie not doing so). So, break any shrink pack eight packs you’ve bought, because a good underwear needs good stuff for purchase. We’re talking about high quality fiber, whether you’re moving weights on a standing table, or moving animal patterns on bells of some kettles. What we are talking about is a comfortable and delightful incision. We’re talking about a design that’s not going to be good in the locker room or on your third date. The best lingerie covering all these bases comes from brands that have changed the men’s lingerie competition, first of all, Calvin.
And what we mean is, cotton and spandex blended (95% / 5%) make these trunks the best underwear for every activity, whether you’re running or meeting. Stretch a lot of elastic fibers without feeling that you wear shorts, but it helps to compress fabric feel softer than plain cotton. This also makes the fabric thin enough, and the thighs (such as the folded fabric below) do not create any noticeable bulk if tight jeans are your stuff.

Calvin’s modern cotton stretch pants come with the softest belt we have ever tried. Unlike thinner, rough bands that can itch or worse, brand your waist with the logo at the end of the day, and these bands comfortably sit on your torso, with the emphasis placed on comfort. They also won’t lose flexibility after the first few washes, the way the cheaper pair often do. Plus, this is for you, a front bag, er, a bag that’s spacious and doesn’t make you look Magic Mike extra.
There is a good reason for all our other forms of underwear in dry fans: they are the best in doing their work. Underwear tends to sit in the back and turn you into “men’s shoes” in the office. Underwear, put real estate in too many ways. And shorts… Just don’t wear shorts. But basically is a short swim trunks boxer underwear, is a men’s underwear, not just because you do action. As the belt and legs hit where it was supposed to be (should be in the middle of the upper thighs), Calvin’s modern cotton stretch pants stayed.
The history of men’s underwear can be divided into two different lines: around Calvin. American designers go into men’s underwear and make them from some people who have to wear what they want (yes, yes, or even), even to show off. Many ads are related to these ads, but most of the changes are due to Klein and the company beginning to cut the way they want to wear underwear. Tip now standard questions, lower belly button position, wide waistband (yes, logo on waistband), and underwear should show your product’s ideas without concealment. These trunks have all these markings that must be C.K. pairs, but they don’t need six ABS or AB. They really look good.
Matthew Zink’s underwear and swimwear are for show off. This is probably what we recommend wearing swimming trunks to Charlie summer fitness place: in the gym. As they sat in the buttocks is low, there is a thin belt, and there is a short than the other in our review, the trunk is actually the best to keep you in the trash when you move around the rest of the body. So they don’t ride in the spin class, or when you squat, you’re stuck behind. There are additional real estate in front of the bassinet, and your masculinity is smaller than his first double yeezys near teen default category. In addition, Italy cotton and spandex blend is a proper proportion (90%) to be firm elastic (10%) for each kind of exercise, whether you are circuit trained or jogging.
If the portable underwear is your thing, then these trunks are for you. Tani in lingerie innovation, come up with new ways to make underwear, feel like you don’t wear underwear business. These trunks make tiny vibrating air, which, as the name suggests, is a very lightweight fabric made of beech and a mix of healthy points with stretched elasticity (13%). As a result, underwear is smoother and smoother than our top pick, but not a versatile tool. It is these semi synthetic trees aren’t any skirts in the thigh; fabric can not reduce

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I learned about body positivity running through my underwear in New York

A lot of things can fly radar in places where New York can cause commotion. In the morning, they go to work on the subway tube dance show, and the naked cowboys are tourists… But did you run in your underwear? This is probably the craziest New York approved of what I’ve done.
I’m not ashamed of any chance of my body, don’t wear pants, show a little belly, or just live in a swimsuit is perfect for me. My college roommate jokes that they see my full moon more than they see. And, until recently, my life has been so attracted by fitness that I no longer think about what my body is like, not what it can do. So when I was invited to run it and run a celebration of the 1.7 mile long underwear start of the New York Triathlon weekend, my initial idea was the annual tournament, “it’s funny.”. I can run 1.7 miles. Hell, let’s do it!But as the game approached, the reality of my commitments went down, and I had more problems, worries, thoughts and feelings.Here, what I’ve learned, I thought it would be a good time, don’t worry about streaking party, why do I think you should bring it down?.
1. Your support team is more important than you think.
I planned to run with two friends. About running solo and lingerie bag through the Central Park what seems to have no attraction to class Snapchat, realtalk and # giggle, through it all. Also, how lovely it is if we match the white in the ass, shameless? I can see in my mind that after the installation of the future, it is already a title for brainstorming… That’s until my friend bailed. To be fair, they all have the excuseor a legitimate job, but that doesn’t mean a person has to have fun running around. Suddenly, I was afraid to sit alone on the starting line, naked, scared (well, not really, but a little). (and I didn’t peel it off at all. I run 5K nude

2. It’s easy to feel comfortable when you’re comfortable.

I puzzled over what to wear. The idea of running in my underwear seems totally out of the question. Thong? No way out。 Cheekies? No. the boy’s shorts? The middle of the wedge Finally, I selected the butt cover I can find # bikinis underwear lovemyshape sports bra I, it seems appropriate to the occasion. (read all about the epic # lovemyshape movement. We here)I decided to run from my apartment to the starting line with my sports bra and shorts, because I wasn’t sure how to check the bag. Considering the fact that I don’t even wear pants, it seems ridiculous to wear my running to bring my cell phone, keys and so on. Do I listen to music? Do these sneakers look stupid? What am I going to do with my hand? Can I run? You don’t know the function of clothes as a safety blanket until you can’t have everything – it’s a guess.On my way to the starting line, I was paranoid that everyone was looking at me, and I didn’t even wear
my shorts. Usually, when I run or exercise, I shake my bra very comfortably. Why am I so nervous and nervous? It’s going to be a long ass, 1.7 mile long race. (reading a woman learns how to wear a sports bra in public only).

3.Confidence is not a destination, it is a journey. Never end.When the “perfect” people complain about their insecurity, people get angry. Cheater!” Calling the trolls on the Internet is like a socially acceptable look that means everything is golden. But no one really has a confident and happy body for 100% of the time. Even if you feel good now, you may be completely destroyed by a seemingly rigid floor. Maybe when you and a new intimate partner together to take off his clothes, shaking a completely beyond your normal style clothes, or experience some fundamentally change your body (hey, pregnant) life experience, your life will happen. At some point, life will test your confidence in a way that brings you back to the point. For me, it
was the starting line in my underwear.

4. The body is just a body. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your value.
When the running finally started, even though my adrenalin accelerated my normal pace, I could easily forget what had happened. While beating the pavement, I and some girls were matching “donut touch”, printed underwear, handsome, super dense underwear. I smiled as tourists traveled through the park to watch naked human races. I tried to imagine they would tell their friends in their hometown what a real New York would be like.

I realized that in seeing too much stretching, obvious fat spots, shaking the body to
count, the honest body

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J-WHOAJennifer Lopez, 48, looks sensational as she ditches her underwear and steps out for birthday party with Alex Rodriguez

The singer wore a sheer LBD which was cut out at the side showing off her incredible abs and revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra or knickers with the daring sheer detailing.

Body confident as always JLo didn’t care that she was freeing her nipples for all to see as she arrived hand in hand with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

The singer teamed the sexy outfit with sky-high strappy heels and large hoop earrings, and when she arrived at the bash had her hair long and cascading down her back, but obviously feeling the heat after a night of partying she left with it in a ponytail.

Jen – whose birthday it is today, had a joint celebration with Alex who turns 42 tomorrow.

He looked delighted to be partying alongside the sultry singer and looked dashing in a cobalt blue suit which he wore with a white shirt and unbuttoned collar.

Never doing things by halves, Jennifer celebrated with a huge white, gold and silver frosted tiered cake which took two men to carry into the party.

Speaking about the Miami party, an insider told E! News: “J.Lo was getting down on the dance floor with A-Rod and they both looked happily in love.

“The couple both drank and danced the night away, but were never out of control.

“It was the perfect night.”

The pair made their first official appearance as a couple at The Met Ball in May and since then have been gushing about one another.

Jen told Extra: “I feel really lucky right now.

“He’s a loving father. He’s a generous human being with his family, with his friends, with me.

“He’s caring and sweet and capable and responsible and just all the beautiful things you would want a man to be.”

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Your Underwear Affects Your Health

When you get dressed in the morning, you might consider the weather, your post-work plans, and how you seriously need to do laundry ASAP. But you probably don’t think much about your health.

While proper hygiene and common sense can generally keep you safe, these hazards could be hiding in your closet.

Whether you stick to cotton briefs or you’re one of those brave souls who habitually rocks thongs, you should know that your underwear can seriously affect vaginal health and the overall comfort of your lady bits. Of course, we all have our own tried-and- true underwear preferences that work for us — and since no two vaginas are the same, it’s possible that although lace irritates the crap out of my downstairs, it may be perfectly OK for you to rock lace panties on the regular. Additionally, even the “right” underwear can cause some serious health problems if they’re too tight or too wet. That said, there are certain types of undies you should try to avoid as much as
possible, and there are some universal underwear rules that every woman should know about.

If you’re anything like me, then your underwear drawer probably contains a little bit of everything, and you probably also have days where you end up saying, “f*ck it” and opt to go commando. Whatever your underwear preferences are, though, it’s important to know the weird ways underwear can affect your health — because although vaginas are super strong, they’re also incredibly prone to irritation and infection.

Here are seven things to keep in mind about how your underwear choices can affect your vaginal health.

Experts say that flip-flops expose your feet to all the gross things: bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can trigger an infection if you have so much as a hangnail or a microscopic skin tear and a not-so-top-notch immune system. On top of that, your sorry excuse for sandals can cause heel pain, disfigure your toes, and affect your posture to trigger a host of other aches and pains. So save your flip-flops for the gym shower and pool deck, and rely on more supportive footwear to take you everywhere else.

0f course sweatbands sop up sweat, but they also collect bacteria that can stick around even after the fabric dries. If you’re predisposed to breakouts, a repeat wear can redistribute the bacteria and exacerbate acne. It might not lead to imminent death but can have a significant psychosocial impact that affects quality of life, messing with your self esteem and affecting your social life, just as much as life-threatening conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, Dr. Zeichner says.

Besides the obvious risk of falling victim to gravity (and making a fool of yourself), wearing high heels even a few times per week for a few years can lead to an ankle muscle imbalance that can set you up for injury, according to a recent study published in International Journal of Clinical Practice. Luckily, the researchers say that heel lifts (stand barefoot and come up onto your tippy toes) and heel drops (stand on the edge of a stair and slowly lower your heel over the edge) can help if flats aren’t an option.

Fabric dye can irritate the delicate skin around your vagina — especially if you already have sensitive skin or you’re prone to recurringvaginal infections, says Dr. Montgomery. While brand new, colored underwear made of a synthetic material is likely to be the worst offender, white cotton is always your best bet, he adds.

A warm, moist bikini bottom makes a lovely home for yeast and bacteria to flourish. Synthetic fabrics can keep that moisture in place, explains Owen Montgomery, M.D., chairman of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you’re prone to infections (you’ll know because you’ll get them all the time), a bathing suit that’s wet can really increase your risk. But you don’t have to skip the swim. Instead, change into dry bottoms as soon as you step out of the pool. And because ill-fitting bikini bottoms can reduce air circulation in the crotch area, which can also setyou up for infection, make sure your
bathing suits fit properly — the edges shouldn’t leave indentations on your skin. A little give can also prevent sweat gland blockage and the itchy red bumps that result from it, Dr. Zeichner says.

As I’m sure you know, the skin around your vaginal area is thinner (and thus more sensitive) than the rest of your skin. Because of this, it’s very important to wear underwear that fits you right. Super-tight underwear causes an uncomfortable amount of friction that will lead to mild irritation at best and ingrown hairs at worst.

On top of that, tight underwear can contribute to the development of yeast infections because it allows for heat and moisture to build up in your vaginal area — and heat and moisture create the ideal setting for bacteria to grow down there, as we’ll see throughout this article.

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A meat bouquet, underwear to share

While we don’t often deal in absolutes, there are some things we are 100% certain about. The cover of a 1920s trade catalog with the title “This is Underwear Time” — complete with the illustration of a a man getting dressed while his dog looks on — is one of those times where we can unequivocally proclaim to have found a truly (possibly unintentionally) brilliant piece of marketing.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know, nothing says I love you quite like a bouquet of … meat. C’mon, it’s perfect for your meat-heart. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Here are this year’s top 10 off-the-wall wonders filled with inside jokes and just enough innuendo to make this Valentine’s totally unforgettable.

The further into my 20s I get, the less I care whether I’m perfectly waxed and lingerie-d down there, and the more I just really want to avoid discomforts like yeast infections—which may get more frequent with time—pain during sex, and ingrown hairs. From what I’ve heard from my close friends during happy hour, this is a common sentiment, as is the general decision to prioritize health over certain aesthetic efforts. (Some days, I’d rather make my workout a little longer at the expense of a perfect blow-out in the morning—y’know?)I’m not saying I’m against grooming or cute underwear, just that I’d rather make choices that also keep my body healthy, when possible. Luckily, there are plenty of easy, painless things you can do to keep things comfortable down there. Below, find seven tips from experts that will keep your lady parts—and you—healthy and happy.

I love flowers just as much as the next girl, but good luck handing a dozen roses to the man in your life and getting anything but a blank stare in return. Want to give him a bouquet he’ll really remember? Mancrate’s Salami Bouquet is packed with five 8-ounce links of tasty meat in a variety of flavors. It’ll win you way more points with your man than anything at the flower shop, and he’ll be too busy chowing down to realize he just got a bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

I’ll admit I’m prone to yeast infections (they’re the actual worst) and that sleeping commando, on the recommendation of my gynecologist aunt, has kind of changed my life. “ Wearing no underwear at night and cotton loose ones during the day can prevent yeast from growing,” says Talebian. “Also, be sure to quickly change after exercise and swimming, so you’re not lingering in those damp underwear or bathing suit, allowing fungus or bad bacteria to multiply.”

He spams you with goofy emoji texts all day long, so hit him back with some smileys of your own. These hilarious cufflinks scream “Millennial,” but they’re perfect for any guy who knows how to work a smartphone. I’m partial to the smiling ‘poo’ emoji from
Cufflinks.com, but the ‘OK’ hand gesture is great too, or you can go with the classic ‘tears of joy’ smiley if he’s a wannabe comedian — aren’t all guys?

If your favorite fella or lovely lady just can’t get enough spooning, even when you’re not around, give them a gift that keeps on snuggling. The Spoonfool pillow is literally a giant, fluffy spoon, and it’s the perfect couch companion or bedroom buddy on thosenights when you just can’t be there to snuggle your significant other in person. The best part? It doesn’t snore or jostle you awake after you’ve drifted off into dreamland!

It’s expensive, and no, it’s not fun, but waxing is a lot better for the skin around your vagina than shaving. “Even though shaving can be seen as the fastest and most convenient method of hair removal, it only removes hair at surface level, meaning the hair will reappear in one to four days,” says waxing expert Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax Centers in New York City. “By continually cutting the hair, you stimulate its growth, which may also lead to irritation for those with sensitive skin. By waxing, you’ll immediately begin to weaken the hair follicle, resulting in slower, lighter, thinner and sparser regrowth. Waxing is also safer because it will help you avoid daily risks of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and the burn associated with using a razor.” Kinda worth it at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up date night, this Love is Art Intimate Painting Kit from the Grommet puts a sexy spin on couples’ art. The way it works is, you basically slather each other in paint and do your thing. The result? Well, let’s just say a whole lotta people call it art.