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Madonna admitted under oath that there was no evidence that her friend had stolen her underwear from more than 100 personal goods auction.

According to a new report, Madonna admitted there was no evidence that her friend had stolen her underwear.
The 59 year old confession was sworn in at the deposition before her friend Darlene Lutz, who claimed she was wearing underwear, disagreed, according to TMZ Thursday.
Lutz auctioned off clothing and other more than 100 personal items through the New York auction house to have rock stars who had an emergency before claiming they were stealing a block auction process.
According to documents obtained by the TMZ website, Lutz’s lawyer asked Madonna: “do you have any good faith-based foundation that claims my client, Darlene Lutz, put these underwear on?”
The pop star also acknowledged the statement she gave to her underwear and former boyfriend Peter Shue, who sent it to him, but was not sure he really received it, so she thought she still technically owned them, according to the scene.

suit underwear
However, the author told TMZ website as early as July, and he accepted them.It seems that this is not underwear, she has mailed, she asked through the lawyer was right: “in addition to Peter Shue, how many boyfriend, you put underwear?”
TMZ’s lawyer told her that she didn’t have to answer questions, and Madonna answered, “I can’t.”As early as July, when Lutz aimed, the judge agreed to stop more than 100 personal belongings belonging to the Grammy winning singer who applied for auction at the court.
In court documents submitted by the Supreme Court in New York, Lutz’s lawyer, Judd Grossman, argues that Madonna is just in retaliation.They wrote: “this lawsuit is an excuse for Madonna’s personal resentment against Ms. Lutz, who has sued for falling with a man more than 10 years ago.”
He continued that the singer was trying to publicly discredit his client in writing his own application, and that Lutz carried “a strong private and intimate property, including previously worn underwear.”
The documents were filed Tuesday after Madonna asked the court to intervene in the New York auction house to sell its collection, which was taken without her permission.
The court filing, filed Wednesday, also

pointed out that Madonna had given up its rights in the 2004 agreement on the property she joined Lutz.
Madonna wrote in a “memorandum of understanding” “Grossman believes that the widespread release is not applicable, because the issue in the auction settlement for many years after, and the general issue is not suitable for future claims.”
Court documents pointed out that Madonna sent suit underwear   and attention problems, then boyfriend Tupac Shakur said: ‘if Madonna really want privacy, and then mail her underwear, is not the way to go?
Grossman went on to say that the court should vacate a temporary injunction to grant Madonna the right to stop selling as much as lawyers, including Lutz.
New York judge Gerald Lebovitz agreed to stop selling Tuesday night, including a letter such as Tupac, a key figure in hip-hop, and she has little to do with Madonna until recently.
In the 1995 letter, Tupac – who shot the following year, said he was very disappointed, and she said in an interview: “I’m going to fix all rappers, basketball players.”” He also said his image could suffer through a white woman.
Madonna said, “Lutz, a friend, helped her with the house, and there were a lot of personal souvenirs in Miami.”
“In fact, I would have achieved celebrity status, as a result, in my occupation career success does not make me keep my privacy, including the highly personal items,” material girl “told the court in a statement.




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