The former worker smuggled two suspicious packages in his suit underwear  and had been sent to prison for four years.
Stephen Cartwright, 40, admitted to providing commercial quantities of drugs after being arrested, smuggling drugs in his suit underwear in June from Brisbane to Darwin flights.
Despite the false name “Ken James”, the organized crime Department detectives knew Cartwright’s movements and arrested him when he disembarked from his business class flight.
In sentencing, judge Dean Mildren said that although there was no evidence that Cartwright provided any drug to anyone, the cost of transportation included drug trafficking.
He said that Cartwright developed methamphetamine addiction when he worked at Japan International Petroleum Development corporation.
“You work long hours,” he said.

suit underwear
“When you start working, it’s not long, you start using drugs.”
Judge Mir Delen said that when Cartwright lost his job, he failed to pass the drug test.
He soon became homeless and was introduced to a man named Pete, who was working with his friends and who made him a courier.
Judge Mir Delen said, Cartwright had paid 1000 dollars to 0.5g express drug methamphetamine.
“You have to go to Brisbane to collect methamphetamine for the first two times,” he said.
Cartwright told the police, “Brad” in an informal interview, but never issued a formal statement.
On sentencing, judge Mir Delen said, “the supply and use of the method is” a serious problem in the community”.
He said, “this is one of the hardest addictions to overcome.”…… Rehabilitation is usually a long-term goal.”
Because of the early confession, Cartwright’s sentence dropped by 20 percentage points. But judge Mir Delen said, “he didn’t find any real remorse” more than anything else Cartwright felt himself.
He was sentenced to four years in prison, starting in June 10th.




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