Just 66 years ago, my friends and I dive with water tanks, compressors and hoses. It was a great adventure, but the hot layer shortened it. Chasing the dream of the water, we saw a movie called “the frog,” this is about the u.t.d. diver during World War II. There is even a set of submersible suits in the hall. No matter what the weather is, we can draw some things that can be done.

There was a news from a diving club on the lake, so I drove to a large fishing boat construction industry. I met a lady named Sheila and her husband in front of a small water supply store. I think I’m going in – tanks, FINS, regulators, hydraulic elevating stations at home, clothes and masks!

The earliest submersible suit was thin inside. The length of the jacket and trousers is long so that it is rolled up at the waist and then used in a round rubber hose with a diameter of half an inch. The pants include shoes, and gloves are sealed on the wrist. The hood has a small opening to make a mask. Below, we have layered suit underwear, jeans, alpaca jackets, woolen caps and woolen socks.

Clothing is the easiest part, now under water.

After a little homework, reading the diving watch and calculating the length of the time may stay at home, and we put our first dive. We got 28 to 35 pounds of heavy belt around our waist and back 40 pounds of tank.

Crowds gathered around and watched us swim to the Edmonds ferry near the dry dock of the sunken ship. When we were drowned, we opened a sleeve to escape the air from the clothes, making us heavier and able to sink. From the first breath of the tank, I know it’s it!

The sea is full of color! Fish, sea anemones and seaweed, the effect of surpassing the surface is like through the forest. I am very proud to call myself the mudshark Bay of pug. Experienced divers like Frank Wolf, Gary Keffler and Ted Roethlisberger joined us for the first dive.

At 40 feet, a whole new silence shrouded us, and then we swam to a 60 foot deep place called the devil hole and swim under a structure. It is dark and exciting to see rich marine life.

As it is today, it is the most important to adhere to the partner system. If the valve is stuck, causing no air, you must surface – even from 60 feet. The trick is to exhale a little air when swimming slowly to the surface to prevent bends (bubbles in the blood). It was surprising that there was air leaving. I tried it in an extreme diver test. It is best to share an adjuster with a friend, but if the mouthpiece is not held, you swallow the pujit Bay.

Our club’s dove is even in the small lake, like Pine Lake, where we found the ancient six foot sawing woodcutter’s bottom cutting tree. There was a leaf long fishing leader bound together, so I put it in the hook to grow into a big mouth big trout. Who knew how long he had been in that situation, so I pulled the hook out and he walked away. He even stopped to look at me.

Sheila, her husband and many others built a fishing boat 40-60 feet away. They needed a couple of hours of engine, so they asked the club for $5 per person. They have air compressors, so it means two dives, and we sometimes go to the San Juan Islands. We saw the first divers in many primitive areas of the Pug’s Bay.

Back to the red onion and the attic, I shared my new passion with my truly loved ones. The interested person took a few classes, rented some gear, and said after the first diving, “yes!” Where do I register? Similar to skiing, many friends took part in the sport.

We have never run out of the scuba diving place. Frank Wolf and his wife Marilyn have the diving supply of West Seattle, and ask if I want to join them in a 40 foot long yacht to San Juan Island, Canada. Oh, yes! A compressor is carrying our tanks.

We take a boat by the abandoned wood site and after we cross the cabin. The pages of the Sears catalog on the wall show that most women are dressed (the former Playboy magazine). The date dates back to the early 1920s, and we sank on a nearby ferry. The bow in the shallow water area is 80 feet, so we didn’t go to the distant place, but it was a sea anemone.

One of the most memorable stops is the entrance of Princess Lewis, where the tumbling box of fresh water runs in. We have to wait for the tide to pass the waterfall through the turbulent river.

A nearby hut was very popular in 1920s, and the celebrities were welcome to enjoy the land and lie on the white sand shipped from Hawaii. The World War II stopped, and the large Submarines (parts of the hut) were filled with snow and sank in a mixture of fresh water and salt water. The 70 foot dive is very clear, and the visibility is very high.




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