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Love Island star Georgia Harrison exudes sexy glamour in lingerie-inspired silk tops and pleated mini skirts because she likes London nights

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Since leaving the villa last year, she has maintained an amazing appearance in a series of energetic ensembles.

Georgia Harrison, 24, still maintains her sexy style when she arrives at the STK restaurant in Covent Garden, London on Wednesday.

The former Love Island star showed her cleavage in her underwear-style silk blouse with a low-cut neckline to ensure that her eyes were fixed on her breasts.

Georgia attracted more attention to her cleavage and wore a three-layered gold necklace on her whole.

Belted around the waist, the reality star wears a sexy pleated mini skirt over her bronze thigh.

Georgia uses a sunny lock to seduce the toy and let the onlookers look at her sparkling heart-shaped hanging earrings.

The dumped islanders, who used to love the love island-turn-Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland, stood tall in her mountain platform boots.

After Georgia became the limelight of ITV2 Island of Love Mallorca, it took a whole year.

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Therefore, this year’s ending made the real star feel emotional, because it was not surprising that she watched Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham crown the winners of the show.

Although she could not find love on the show after her dramatic relationship with Sam Gowland, she cheered on TV to find love as the best time of her life.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘I can’t believe it has been a whole year since the villa. The best time of my life. ”

Georgia also revealed that she is very interested in Jack and Danny’s love story, because she said that this gave her ‘faith’, she will find a good person for her.

She elaborated: ‘Love story of Eddie and Jack. In particular, Dani has been injured many times in the past, and then she finally found someone who treated her in the way she deserved. Give me confidence.

Georgia has not been ashamed recently because of voices on Twitter accounts, so recently it has responded to the “hate” of Internet trolls.

She explained: ‘I hope that the network trolls realize that every bit of hatred they bring to the universe is just returning to them. So why are they always angry?




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