Women’s suit underwear, painting supplies and even school test results have been dumped in a scenic Shemulu kitty.

A local dog walker found a lot of garbage found in a beech walk, which he called “nausea.”

Rob Waldron, 64, Hornbeam Close, walk the dog when he sees the garbage dump and reports to the police and the East German District Council.

Mr. Waldron, the mechanic in the Pecorama beer, said, “I think it’s a complete nausea.

“This is a horrible eyesore, which may seriously hurt the wild animals.

“I can’t believe people have this way of thinking.”

Mr. Waldron said that the test results in the garbage dump were from West Germany’s primary school, and that if they were investigated, the children’s parents could be named and prosecuted.

He said: “people have to put the garbage on the road, why don’t they bring it from there through the Sidmouth recycling center?

“In addition, the District Council’s recycling service, you can recycle anything.”

A spokeswoman for the East German District Committee said: “several reports received by the Committee have been dumping waste at a small scale every week.

suit underwear

“Waste will be removed by the street team as soon as possible.

“The law enforcement officers of the environmental health group will investigate the situation in an all-round way and issue one of the three quotas for fines in the case of possible circumstances.

The first one is a fine of 200 pounds, second is a 400 pound fine, a larger number, third is a fine of 300 pounds, the carrier does not comply with the waste transfer license. It may take weeks to carry out a thorough investigation. ”

This is not the first time the flytippers beech has gone.

2015, a large pile of flat cardboard is a bushes on and around the road – only 500 yards of warning sign dump the waste suit underwear everywhere.

In another incident later that year, a few black gunny bags filled with family and garden garbage were dumped in the parking lot near the beech walking forest.




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