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Cynthia Rowley brings swimwear, ‘casual, cool’ fashion products to Malibu’s spring and summer outposts

On the spring day of her Malibu pop-up window, Cynthia Raleigh sits on a low podium, close to a mannequin wearing her couture dress. “Is this okay?” the designer asked a reporter, scanning the space halfway to find other options.

Rowley is a New Yorker. He launched her brand in the late 1980s and is known for its smoothness and flexibility. In the ever-changing fashion world that lasted for decades, she has the ability to adapt to changing fast mercury.

Just look at her brand, which includes women’s wear, accessories, makeup and men’s products. In recent years, Raleigh, famous for her beautiful, feminine dresses, colorful, whimsical aesthetics, vivid graphics, bold colors and unexpected details, has shunned the traditional fashion shows on New York Fashion Week. On the road to the city such as Shenzhen in China and Sydney in Australia.

She also collaborated with professional surf enthusiast Garrett McNamara to provide interesting collaborations, such as flower board shorts and cherry-print joggers, and limited edition pastel-print swimwear and surf kits that partnered with Goop, which declined this month.

She recently launched a partnership with Brooklyn, New York. The sneaker brand Greats has a shop in Venice. This fall, Raleigh will introduce a Manhattan Portage satin messenger bag with graceful colors.

“This is a very positive community spirit,” Rowley said of the ongoing style collaboration. “It has mobility. It’s like ‘If you have an idea, let’s do it’. This is optimistic and happy, and I think this is the most exciting moment in the fashion world. I like to say, ‘Don’t follow the rules, Don’t just pass the motion. It’s best to surprise people rather than satisfy them.”

After all, the designer brought the world of water sports to the top six years ago when she printed a luxurious print on her swimsuit.

Now, the clothes recently worn by Eli Ray, Connie Britten, and Whitney Porter are leading her so-called “nomadic retail” – so she appeared in Malibu in early April. Rowley is visiting to celebrate her opening of the Malibu Lumber Yard at 3939 Cross Creek Road. The temporary West End store in the Los Angeles area that appeared in Culver City last summer will continue until the end of August. The Malibu store sells for between $80 and $600.

“We like the idea of ​​surprise. The idea of ​​a short-term shop is an endless summer,” she said, wearing high-heeled white boots and brocade shorts. “Because we do wetsuits and swimming, we want to have this atmosphere and use the same kind of travel shop as the surfers.”

One side of Malibu’s pop-up window is Rowley’s wetsuit and swimwear. On the other side is a mix of casual, colorful staples such as T-shirts, leggings, sundresses and silk tops. Items sold in stores can be easily surfed from one person to brunch or one night in town.

The pop-up opening event includes all necessary Malibu and Los Angeles fashionistas, such as rotating DJs in the courtyard, mini manicures, quick massages and fitness classes. There is also the Casamigos craft cocktail and avocado toast bar.

These touches fit Raleigh’s lifestyle described as “CaliYork” and she uses a new word on the front of the $115 T-shirt. She said that her West Coast customers are those who have spent time in Malibu and Montauk. This is just two coast meetings. “




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