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Kate Upton stuns in the hot underwear shooting

Kate Upton takes her Instagram page to show off her famous curves in a stunning lingerie photo.

As part of its partnership with lingerie brand Yamamay, Supermodels often use popular social media platforms to share sexy lingerie snaps to promote apparel. In the photo, the 26-year-old is sitting in a bright space with a modern wooden structure, wearing a nude bra and matching underwear. She was looking at the camera, her lips gently separating, because her wavy hair fell on her shoulders, partially covering the right side of her face.

Sports Illustrated swimwear stars paired photos with #ConfidentBeauty #ThePerfectFit tags, which fans thought would be a perfect match.

“When a woman wears self-confidence, she will never be more beautiful!” A fan soon noticed. This post received more than 66,000 comments and more than 300 comments in less than an hour. This week’s situation will definitely increase by a few thousand.

This photo seems to come from a few months ago because the blond blockbuster is currently pregnant for a few months. In July, she announced the news with her husband, the 35-year-old Houston astros pitcher Justin Verlander. According to the “Daily Mail” report, the model and the Major League Baseball champion were married at a ceremony held in Tuscany, Italy in November.

“I am very proud that this little person will grow up in this world like a woman like you! I love you very much,” Wieland wrote on social media, as the Sun reported.

Upton was one of the celebrities who were called “The Fappening” by George Garofano and three conspirators in 2014. He leaked Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, Hayden’s private photo Panettiere, Bell Lake and several others.

According to “Today’s USA” report, Connecticut resident Garofano was sentenced to eight months in prison on Thursday. He pleaded guilty in April. One of his accomplices, 36-year-old Ryan Collins, was sentenced to 18 months in 2016, while 29-year-old Edward Majerczyk was accused of planning a phishing program for celebrities, sentenced to nine months in 2017, and the fourth person involved in Emilio Herrera, 32, has pleaded guilty and plans to be sentenced next month.

“This is obviously a shameless violation of her “privacy”, and Upton responded to her 2014 hacking through her lawyer.

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Police: Men who fled the police found hiding in underground clothes

A man in Council Bluffs was out of the police before he said he tried to escape from Wednesday morning and was found hiding in the underwear in the basement.

The 42-year-old Mitchell Boyle was accused of evading the police and possessing misbehaving of methamphetamine.

According to the news of the Council Bluffs police, a police officer found a silver minivan without a license plate at around 2:55 am on North 8th Street and G Avenue.

The police followed the minivan and parked at a residence near North 8th Street and Wilson Avenue.

As the police approached, he saw the shadow moving towards the back of the house, and then a man – later identified as Boyer – passed through the backyard.

While searching the area, the police found a woman who was later confirmed to be a passenger of Boyer, lying on a set of stairs near the house.

The police said the woman told them that she was riding with Boyer when the police began tracking them. Before he told her to run, Boyer parked the car in the driveway of the house, and the woman thought it was his house.

The police said the woman followed Boyer until she fell on the stairs. She told the police that she ran because she was afraid and didn’t know what was going on.

She was eventually released.

The police searched Boyer in the area but could not find him.

At 4:10 in the morning, a caller told the police that a white man was seen passing through the yard near North Eight Street and Street L.

The police went to the house where Boyer was registered and knocked at the door.

Boyer’s mother and brother opened the door and told the police that Boyer was not inside and allowed the police to search the house for him.

In the basement, the police alleged that Boyer “hidden in his underwear” and that the scratches on his body seemed to come from bushes or trees.

“Boyle, a big man, is also sweating,” the police said.

Boyer was handcuffed and detained. It was alleged that when he saw a police officer tracking him, he told the police that his license was suspended.

According to reports, Boyer continued to say that he was hiding in the bushes of the Brotherhood softball field and then entered his home, and his brother and mother knew that he was there.

“Boyer also said that the controlled substances in the car belong to him,” the police said.

In the minivans, the police allegedly found a small amount of cannabis and methylbenzene in a pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

Boyer’s next hearing is scheduled to take place on September 5. The minivan was towed away.

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Politician blasts ‘anonymous coward’ who posted her photos in lingerie

ladies long sleeve tops

Earlier this month, Rachel Hundley, a 35-year-old woman, worked at the Sonoma City Council in California and is currently running for re-election. She received an anonymous email asking her to withdraw from the competition. The sender called her “immoral and immoral” and included a link to a now-dissolved website called “Rachel Hundley Exposed”, which contained Hundley’s social burning man in her bra and underwear. Media materials. Her friend told her to ignore it. Instead, Hendry chose to openly respond and post a four-and-a-half-minute YouTube video, saying she would not be quit by “swearing”.

“I was threatened by an anonymous coward,” Hendry said in a video released last week. She said the e-mail “is simply extortion” and also posted a screenshot of the news, saying that her history is “very disturbing” and said: “Sonoma needs what our children can see. Moral and ethical leadership, our community can believe. You have no measures.”

“What’s particularly disturbing in this #MeToo era is that I’m trying to humiliate me to celebrate my body and to be a burning man,” she said. “In the last few years of burning people, I volunteered to manage a famous Wine Bar, the wine bar is associated with camps that focus on consent and gender-positive themes.”

Hendry went on to say that the site was allegedly created by a group called “Sonoma Peace and Co-Citizenship” and relied entirely on “unfounded accusations and humiliating” and that “the purpose is to scare me.” Silence, another strong female voice, made me afraid of this election and refused your right to make a choice.”

As the Washington Post pointed out, although every politician must deal with critics and trolls, female candidates are more likely than male candidates because they are often subjected to “extremely humiliating or sexually harassed images.” distribution.

Jennifer Lawless, a professor at the University of Virginia who studies the intersection, said: “Whether it’s awkward or trying to humiliate a woman, because she’ve done sex-related things in the past, this activity is still more for women than for men. More.” Gender and politics told the Post. “Using a woman’s sexual orientation is seen as a way to undermine its credibility and undermine its experience.”

However, this strategy does not work for Hendry. “I am here today to tell me those bullies who don’t show up. I can’t be ashamed because I am not ashamed,” she said.

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YMCA collects underwear for the victims

When disasters occur and donations begin to flood in, rescuers know they will get a lot of the usual staple food – bottled water, non-perishable food and clothing.

But there is a need for a project that is almost always in short supply:


“I don’t know why this is happening, but when disaster strikes, people send a variety of clothes, and in many cases it’s gentle clothes,” said Stephanie Gibson of Frank P. Phillips YMCA of Columbus. “But no one is sending underwear. To be honest, no one wants someone else’s underwear. It’s like using someone else’s toothbrush.”

Due to the expected next crisis, Y will hold a one-month “Show You Care With Underwear” event in September. Y is seeking to donate new sizes of underwear in various sizes – underwear, socks, bras and undershirts.

Underwear will be distributed through Y’s crisis response plan “The Undercover Project”.

Gibson said that Y’s crisis team not only responded to major disasters such as hurricanes and Smithville tornadoes, but also responded to possible personal needs, such as house fires or other personal disasters.

Donations can be decentralized anywhere in downtown Columbus, Caledonia and New Hope Y’s Lowndes County.

Gibson said that the undercover project began in Columbus, as Y responded to Hurricane Katrina and is now the national YMCA national project.

“We will not work through other institutions, although we will definitely be open to this,” Gibson said. “This is what we do ourselves.”

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In the end, PIC Mobster put on a lecherous underwear within a few hours before being shot by the gender club after a dispute with the “Scottish drug trafficking gang”.

The police believe that a notorious rogue was shot outside a kinky club under the command of a notorious Scottish drug gang.

The 49-year-old journalist Martin Cork was shot dead on December 8, 2016. Just a few hours later, he was shot half-naked in a semi-naked Amsterdam dungeon.

The Dutch murder detective traveled to Scotland to ask the local police about the Escalade action – an investigation into a criminal group believed to be behind the Kok death.

The action resulted in the group’s nine members being held for 87 years.

They believe that the double killer Cork is executed according to the orders of two Glasgow-born gangsters – they cannot be named for legal reasons.

The head of organized crime and counter-terrorism, detective director Gerry McLean told the Daily Record: “I can’t comment on any on-site investigation.

“However, this year’s conviction and sentencing of individuals involved in Escalade criminal groups is important in undermining their illegal business, which operates at a truly international level.

“Although we continue to investigate larger networks, I cannot underestimate the value of working with a range of European partners.”

Kok – his coffin was carried by several fascinating models – turned to writing after 15 years in prison.

Due to his internal knowledge, network and fearless attitude, he specializes in criminal struggles.

His criminal blog is one of the most popular blogs in the Netherlands, and past writers say “he knows he is the target of criminals because of his story.”

There have been attempts at Cork’s life – including a shooting incident that failed that night.

In 2015, two rogues slapped bullets in his car while sleeping in his house.

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During the performance at the University of Utah, David Cross once again jokingly talked about the Mormon Temple costumes.

Appeared in the Kingsbury Hall on Wednesday night, David Cross did not apologize for offending a large number of Mormons on the weekend.

He was surprised that his edited advertisement on social media showed that he caused a sensation in the late temple costume. But apologize? It’s a long way off.

“I really don’t know how much offense people will take. I don’t know, because I never thought about it.” He said that it took him seven minutes to talk about the controversy. “This doesn’t make sense to me.”

He said he was really shocked because it “made many people very frustrated. But I am not using this as an excuse, because although I don’t know there will be such a deep attack, I will not give an s – –.”

Obviously, he did not. His amazing novel – ran for 10 minutes in just two hours – including humor about abortion, Nazi, massacre, terrorist bombings, AIDS and beating the bloody pulp of President Donald Trump, and then on him Urination and defecation. So, no, an ad featuring temple costumes seems to have no features.

Cross did not withdraw from this topic. He said that he had never seen the words “underwear” and “sacred” before, “but when they are put together, they will be very interesting.”

He said that this controversy “just reminds me how excited, satisfied and happy, which makes me know that I will never be photographed by a long John’s photo, you can get a goal. You can go to a goal and get a look Very similar thing.”

A good crowd in Kingsbury – hundreds of people – ate it, cheered and approved.

The cross, an open atheist, repeatedly pointed out criticism of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saying that he “offended” the “offence” of members of the LGBTQ community, “until they sometimes committed suicide”.

“So I will say those who are offended – are offended – are portrayed by some underwear photos – first get your own house.”

Cross did not elaborate on Utah’s dominant religion, but he did not ignore it. He tells a story about the visit to Temple Square and the three witnesses of the signature scripture “The Book of Mormon” – the church founder Joseph Smith told the three that they would “flood”, um, oh , women, if they support his “ridiculous” story about the gold sector.

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Scottish police criticised after prisoners brought to court in ‘underwear’ and pyjamas

An official report has criticised police after prisoners were taken to court in their pyjamas or underwear-like clothing.

The incidents were recorded by HM Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland (HMIPS) during a review of custodial operations at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

The watchdog’s report describes it as “unacceptable” for people to be transferred from the escort vans dressed in such a way and ordered Police Scotland to ensure they have appropriate clothing.

It says: “When observing prisoners were removed from escort vans it was noted that one female prisoner arrived in her nightclothes, two prisoners were in shorts, one prisoner appeared to be in his underwear and one prisoner had no footwear.

“Police Scotland should ensure that those arriving from police custody are annex dressed for the journey and their subsequent court appearance.

“It is unacceptable that individuals are expected to appear in a court of law in their underwear or nightclothes.”

HMIPS made the findings during an inspection of court custody provision in June.

Inspectors found the court’s custody unit to be well-run with motivated staff who worked as a team.

The report, published on Wednesday, also says clarification over the provision of medical information was urgently needed to ensure custody staff can safely manage prisoners.

Chief Superintendent Garry McEwan, head of the criminal justice services division, said: “We note the report published by HMIPS today and are keen to work with our partners on the recommendations.

“Police Scotland ensure that all those in police custody are treated with dignity and respect.

“Alternative footwear and clothing is stocked in all primary suites and where practical is offered.

“All relevant health information is recorded as part of the personal escort record which remains with the prisoner when they are transferred in to the custody of G4S.”

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The inspection found that the prisoner was brought to court in underwear

The prison supervision department said that people only came to the prison wearing underwear or pajamas, which is “unacceptable.”

Earlier this year, the Scottish Prisons Inspectorate (HMIPS) inspected the custody unit of the Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court. Although the unit was found to be functioning well, prisoners were observed to appear in court at the police station without wearing clothes.
The HMIPS, led by the new Chief Prosecutor of the prison, Wendy Sinclair-Gibbon, called on the Scottish police to ensure that those from prisons were “properly dressed” on the road and in court.

The regulator said: “It is regrettable to observe that prisoners are removed from the escort in their pajamas, a prisoner is wearing underwear, and a prisoner does not have shoes. People expect to appear in their underwear or pajamas. It is unacceptable in court.”

The prosecutor visited the court in June and found more than 60 detainees arriving from police cells or prisons. The regulators were found to be functioning well, and the “energetic” staff worked very well as a team.

However, when observing the arrival of prisoners in the escort car, it was noted that a female prisoner was wearing pajamas, two prisoners were wearing shorts, one prisoner was wearing underwear and one prisoner was not wearing shoes.

Inspectors also found that providing open urinals in many holding cells did not meet the “basic decent standards” and raised concerns about possible infections.

Their report called for an immediate cessation of the use of urinals.

Scottish Police Commissioner Garry McEwan said: “We have taken note of the report and are keen to work with our partners on these recommendations.

“Scottish police ensure that all persons detained by the police are treated with dignity and respect. All major suites are equipped with other footwear and clothing and provide practical services. All relevant health information is recorded as part of the personal escort record as a prisoner When transferred to G4S for custody, the record is still retained by the prisoner.”

The Scottish Courts and Court Services said: “When the new standards are met, we regularly perform intensive cleaning and repainting as part of our maintenance program. In the rolling plan, the entire indoor urinal of the court is being cancelled. Edinburgh’s The unit provides suitable toilet facilities – proper decent inspection.

“We will continue to work with the Scottish Prisons Authority and HMIPS to consider future changes, to maintain human dignity and the safety, security and welfare of detainees.”…

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When trying to leave Singapore, two men associated with the scam were jailed for $400,000 in underwear.

Singapore: On Monday (August 20th), two foreigners were sentenced to three years and eight months of imprisonment for participating in a $1.5 million vessel purchase scam.

Kiss Iosif, a 40-year-old Romanian, and David Weidmann, a 37-year-old Frenchman, admitted a charge earlier this month accusing another person of retaining the proceeds of a criminal act.

They tried to leave Singapore underwear for more than S$400,000 but were stopped at the Woodlands checkpoint.

The case was related to a scam last year when the cruise and leisure company Oceanic Group was defrauded of selling a vessel to a foreign buyer whose identity as a foreign buyer was not disclosed in court documents.

In September last year, Danic Chui Mun Yew, general manager of Oceanic Group, went to Paris to collect a deposit for the ship. After receiving a deposit he considered to be 3.5 million euros (S$5.6 million), Mr. Cui instructed his staff to pay the buyer’s representative (Iosif and Weidmann) a commission of S$1.5 million, all of them in Singapore.

However, Mr. Cui later discovered that the deposit was paid with counterfeit banknotes. He instructed his staff to recall S$1.5 million from two men, but they could not, and submitted a police report.

According to court documents, Iosif and Weidmann contacted a person named Boris in August last year to go to Singapore to collect cash.

They handed the money over to another person and received a commission of $5,000 each in return.

After collecting money from Oceanic Group employees, Weidmann and Iosif returned to their hotel. Boris contacted them and told them that each person brought a sum of S$205,000 to Malaysia.

Boris instructed the remaining money to be handed over to another person, telling them to make sure they didn’t pass the cash camera.

The two packed their bags and checked out before going to City City Mall. They handed a suitcase with S$1.08 million to a Dutch accomplice, Nikolic Predrag, who was instructed to wait for them in the toilet there.

On the same day, Iosif and Weidmann hid more than S$200,000 in their underwear and tried to take a long-distance bus to Malaysia.

However, they were arrested at the Woodlands Checkpoint and the money was withdrawn.

Of the S$1.08 million received by Predrag, approximately S$738,000 was recovered after being arrested along with another woman, the French national Nikolic Dalida. However, the remaining S$339,000 has been remitted and the police cannot recover it.

Iosif and Weidmann may have been sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years and fined S$500,000.

Predrag and Dalida were sentenced to two and a half years in jail in June this year.

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Comedian David Cross, who played his own photo in the Mormon Temple costume after pushing the University of Utah, faced strong opposition

The comedian who will perform at the University of Utah this week faces serious and strong opposition – including accusations of religious prejudice and asking the school to cancel his performance – and he tweeted on Twitter the photos of his costume in the Mormon Temple.

David Cross posted the ad on social media on Saturday afternoon with a ticket and slogan “Utah! Learn the truth!” He was portrayed as a sacred underwear standing outside a dressing room, a devout member of the Jewish faith Wear it every day.

This photo was adapted from Cross’s sitcom “Arrested Development”, in which the character’s red underwear was replaced by a white two-piece suit.

The United States quickly replied to this article, which has a GIF that reflects Cross’s tweets. Then it deleted the reply and apologized.

“We are sorry that we did not immediately see the connection with the LDS faith in this tweet. It took a minute to understand the response to our GIF, but thank our community for pointing out,” the school wrote on Twitter. “Our answer is to respond to David Cross’s performance on campus and is not going to offend.”

More than 100 commenters responded to Cross’s original post, saying the information was “very offensive” and “unscented.” Many people accuse them of frustration with the United States and ask the school to cancel the performance at the Kingsbury Concert Hall on Wednesday. State Senator Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, wrote: “Religious prejudice has never been funny. I was shocked that U’s U sponsored this hatred and intolerance.”

“Your U can do better,” another person responded. “Cancel the show because David Cross should not profit from hateful and disrespectful information.”

Despite this, some commentators defended the event as a freedom of speech. Some pointed out that despite the counterattacks by the opponents, the United States allowed conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to speak on campus in September.

“We recognize the right to freedom of expression for individuals and entities renting university facilities – even those who we disagree with. By doing so, we protect the right to freedom of expression for all,” US President Ruth Watkins on Sunday Respond in a statement.

In this case, the United States is renting a Cross’show facility, which is produced by an external promoter.

“The University of Utah condemns any form of prejudice and religious intolerance,” Watkins continued. “The offensive use of sacred religious images in David Cross’s tweets at Kingsbury Hall is in opposition to the values ​​of respect and inclusiveness of the university…. At the same time, the First Amendment protects such statements, and universities cannot and will not review the content of those who come to school.”

A spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints refused to comment.