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During the performance at the University of Utah, David Cross once again jokingly talked about the Mormon Temple costumes.

Appeared in the Kingsbury Hall on Wednesday night, David Cross did not apologize for offending a large number of Mormons on the weekend.

He was surprised that his edited advertisement on social media showed that he caused a sensation in the late temple costume. But apologize? It’s a long way off.

“I really don’t know how much offense people will take. I don’t know, because I never thought about it.” He said that it took him seven minutes to talk about the controversy. “This doesn’t make sense to me.”

He said he was really shocked because it “made many people very frustrated. But I am not using this as an excuse, because although I don’t know there will be such a deep attack, I will not give an s – –.”

Obviously, he did not. His amazing novel – ran for 10 minutes in just two hours – including humor about abortion, Nazi, massacre, terrorist bombings, AIDS and beating the bloody pulp of President Donald Trump, and then on him Urination and defecation. So, no, an ad featuring temple costumes seems to have no features.

Cross did not withdraw from this topic. He said that he had never seen the words “underwear” and “sacred” before, “but when they are put together, they will be very interesting.”

He said that this controversy “just reminds me how excited, satisfied and happy, which makes me know that I will never be photographed by a long John’s photo, you can get a goal. You can go to a goal and get a look Very similar thing.”

A good crowd in Kingsbury – hundreds of people – ate it, cheered and approved.

The cross, an open atheist, repeatedly pointed out criticism of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saying that he “offended” the “offence” of members of the LGBTQ community, “until they sometimes committed suicide”.

“So I will say those who are offended – are offended – are portrayed by some underwear photos – first get your own house.”

Cross did not elaborate on Utah’s dominant religion, but he did not ignore it. He tells a story about the visit to Temple Square and the three witnesses of the signature scripture “The Book of Mormon” – the church founder Joseph Smith told the three that they would “flood”, um, oh , women, if they support his “ridiculous” story about the gold sector.




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