Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion | Uncategorized

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion

suit underwear

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham opens a new window. ! The model and activist led the inclusiveness and redefine the traditional beauty standards on and off the runway at the age of 31 on Tuesday, October 30. We are celebrating through some of the hottest fashion moments.

Did she break the boundaries of the first oversized model on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear issue, collaborating with countless fashion and lingerie brands on capsule collections and events, or judging/hosting the US Next Top Model and American beauty stars, Graham seems to decide to follow the footsteps of other models – a new window like HBIC like Karlie Kloss. Not just a pretty face.

When it comes to fashion, we are used to seeing brunettes show off her things in the high fashion catwalks of brands such as Michael Coles and Dolce & Gabbana, but she is also a real fashionista from the T-stage, showing off her wearing bare bare Dress, dressed in a mini skirt and a boss lady suit. To commemorate her 31st birthday, we collected Graham’s sexiest carpet look. Keep scrolling to see our favorites!

Lady Lacy

The model participated in the Paris 2018 Vogue Foundation dinner, wearing a lace Alexander McQueen sports jacket, Addition Elle underwear and Jason Wu lace-up high heels.

Golden goddess

In the 2018 “Citrus: Fashion and Catholic Imagination” – theme party, this brunette beauty rock bronze sequined Prabal Gurung dress with a dramatic cloak. Oh, she also launched a new blunt head!

Liquid metal

Graham presented a custom-made Rubin Singer metal dress at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Awards with a thigh-high cut, Sophia Webster sandals and Lynn Ban jewelry.

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion | Uncategorized

Rihanna’s bridal lingerie picture for her predecessor Chris Brown ‘direct torture’: he still wants to marry her

Rihanna’s latest underwear photo is making fun of Chris Brown, not the reason you want! Find out the illusion that she once had daydreams. HL has studied it specially.

Rihanna’s new underwear photos make Chris Brown feel at the wedding, not in the gutter. The 30-year-old singer stripped her savage X-Findy product, Unlined Geo Mesh Bra and Geo Mesh Cheeky of copyright on October 28 and filmed the company’s Facebook account.

Visual merchandising is successful because we have learned that it has inspired many emotions of CEO ex boyfriend. “Rihanna’s new underwear photo is Chris’s direct torture, not just because she looks so sexy,” said a source close to Chris’s exclusive sharing with Hollywood life. It’s not just Ri’s curves, the colors of underwear and bras, there’s another one – let Breezy’s ideas spin!

“With her white underwear and veil, let him imagine that she looks like a wedding night, which might make him think it might not be suitable for him,” our source continued. He still dreamed that fate would bring them back, that time was ripe, and that they would have a wedding night.

In addition to her underwear photos, the relationship between the “lemon singer” is a daydream for Chris. “In fact, Rihanna didn’t really claim that any man would make Chris think she might still be hanging on him,” our source continued. Rihanna seems not to be attached to anyone now. She hasn’t met Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel since this summer until she dated for a year. However, the “kissing” singer did not make his hopes too high.

“But now it’s between them, it’s not something he’s totally dependent on,” our source said. Their relationship is entirely platonic, but the 29-year-old singer sincerely hopes that Rihanna will post a picture of her baby on his Instagram in February. Happy birthday! In the same month, he even suggested that he be reunited with her on the world stage. ” Think about it. “The crazy world tour will be Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown,” he tweeted on February 9. As our source tells us, “there is a ray of hope.”

Unless Rihanna changed his mind last year, striptease should be very thin. Rihanna wanted to marry him like he did – but he was abandoned by insults and jealousy, “she told us in June 2017, a message close to her. In retrospect, Chris attacked Rihanna at night. Since then, 2009 Grammy awards ceremonies have been troubling him. “No matter what they want, it won’t happen,” our source continued. After their relationship became unstable, the love between them became very bad.

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion | Uncategorized

Ashley Graham shows the curve in the hot new lace lingerie collection

suit underwear

First, in 2013, I designed underwear series for Addition Elle and improved my body enthusiasm. Since 2015, I started to storm in the big size sports swimwear. Ashley inspired many women to embrace their own curves.

The 30-year-old woman proved the sexy appeal of all shapes and sizes, she has released her new boudoir series, and is more capable of imitating lingerie than Ashley Graham himself.

On her official Instagram page, she teased her fans to the nth title, titled: “My boudoir series is here! Sexy, sexy, curves for you! #AshleyGrahamLingerie @additionelle.”

Posing in front of a gorgeous staircase, the brunette’s blockbuster will definitely make the car pulse.

Show off her sexy lady, she showed off a series of double suits.

She squats, wearing transparent lace, black bra and shorts to keep her modest, with luxurious silky floral panels.

To add extra appeal, she wore a loose, sultry wave and a glossy lock as she gleamed into the lens with a sultry look.

Insta Baby adds a gorgeous charm to the shooting and chooses a glamorous cosmetic.

It looks amazing, she chose a bronze autumn color, swept over her cheeks, eyes and lips, and used an eyeliner to outline the appearance.

Not long after, her fans noticed the image and let the American-born girl cast more than 300,000 likes in this position.

Shocked by her beauty, her devotees are filled with free comments from social media.

One person is endless: “Ashley, you are too hot, sexy, beautiful.”

The second one though she looks like another A-List celebrity: “You and Eva Mendes may be sisters.”

Although the third person was completely encouraged: “My idol.”

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion | Uncategorized

Doutzen Kroes designed the pulse car because she took off her sexy underwear to mimic Hunkemöller’s latest collection.

suit underwear

For the coveted brand Victoria’s secret, she emerged in a vibrant lingerie storm.

Doutzen Kroes brought her sensational figure to another major lingerie collection as she took off and imitated Hunkemöller’s hot new Stories collection.

The beautiful woman, 33 years old, marched in her latest series of trailers with some sexy lingerie to parade her famous characters, exudes sexy charm.

A steaming snap shows the two children’s stunners especially with her husband Sunnery James – a green and black lace and low-rise briefs that show off her seesaw.

Doutzen wore a playful stocking and made a provocative look at the camera while resting on a stylish stair railing.

Other shots show this model – who was born in the Netherlands, the brand was also founded here – to raise the heat to a higher level.

Doutzen wears stunning black and cream lingerie with lace tops stockings and slings for even more incredible images.

suit underwear

The stunning blonde shows her pink leather on a lace belt while holding the mirror gracefully and seductively.

Keeping stockings, Doutzen switches to a halter bra suit and adds a stunningly coordinated high waist sling as she shows off all the incredible numbers of her glory.

In the last photo, this beauty is designed with a sexy camisole and briefs in a nude and black floral lace V-neck design with a full satin design.

In an interview with FASHION magazine recently, Doutzen claimed that she was “very lucky” to have such an incredible character at birth because she discussed her success in the modeling world.

She also admits that the fashion world is completely different from what she had at the beginning, and young models are now in a dominant position.

“When I started, the [fashion] industry was more interesting, not computational,” she explained.

“Now, everyone knows everything because of social media – all these 15-year-old girls know all the big photographers and fashion designers.”

Doutzen made his debut in 2005 after being selected as Vogue.com’s “Model of the Year” and was named Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2008.

Happy birthday, Ashley Graham! See her most popular fashion | Uncategorized

This thong is very comfortable and feels like I don’t wear underwear at all.

suit underwear

As a female, most of us have accepted the wedge shape of our underwear better than the scary VPL (visible panties series). From the first time I wore spandex pants, my mother passed on this underwear agreement, and since then I have never looked back.

My first thong from Victoria’s Secret was ingrained in my memory because I was sure it was on my skin. It has a gray elastic band with minimal stretch fineness – but the worst part is the actual thong section. A small cotton triangle results in a rope made of exactly the same rigid elastic material. Regardless of my discomfort, I learned to endure it with a smile – it’s better than a grin in the school corridor to reveal the underwear line!

With age (and innovation in the women’s underwear industry), I have been able to find more comfortable underwear materials and styles. I even found a completely smooth seamless underwear under the clothes. But no matter what underwear I wear, I still feel that my underwear is there. It doesn’t always feel uncomfortable, but sometimes it gets a little more under my clothes than I want, or the thick bud ribbon becomes distorted and bulky, or my thong is a little over wedge.

Things changed when I read a very comfortable Negative Underwear bra, which was sold out 10 times. Solid black and peach colors are slightly lower than the pattern option by $28.

The bra is undoubtedly comfortable, yes, but it didn’t surprise me. I am just a B cup, so I am not used to supporting the wireless tube top style. On the other hand, this thong shocked me. For one of them, the band immediately gave me the flashback of the first thong, and if I accidentally put them on, I would touch my skin.

The first time I stepped on a negative underwear thong belt, it was actually shaking (though weak), but the material was very soft and flexible, and nothing really happened. There is no dramatic tapping on my skin, or I need to pull so much to wear underwear. The band is completely flat on my waist, keeping it smooth and invisible all day in my jeans or other clothes.

Second, can’t you feel thong in your ass? The natural state of your butt is not a piece of fabric between the cheeks, so even if you think your underwear is on the comfortable side, you can still feel it at least. Not this, my friends.

One of the brand’s slogans is precisely “the underwear you want to live in”, and part of the company’s success can be attributed to the “return to the basics” mentality that prevails in their designs. Bras and undergarments are made for women and women, and give up the laces and whistles commonly used in women’s underwear for thorough research on materials and deliberate functional style choices.

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Gordon Ramsay once crossed his son’s underwear because he missed him.

Gordon Ramsay missed his son Jack, and now he has moved to college – he is wearing this young underwear to reflect on his absence.

The 51-year-old chef – 20-year-old Megan, 18-year-old Jack and Holly, and 16-year-old Tilly and wife Tana’s twins – borrowed some underwear from the only other male in the family, only when he put Dressing up, he realized how much he wanted to go home at the University of Exeter.

He admits: “I went upstairs to Jack’s bedroom last weekend. I opened the door. His socks and pants were there – I wore them in five minutes.

“He’s the same size. All of me are washing, so I thought, ‘Jake posted a bloody pair of pants for me again. ‘Low, I saw the drawer upstairs. So I put them on, just Sitting on the bed thinking, ‘Damn I miss you. Really.’

Although Gordon was ready to let Jack leave home, he was still “emptied” when he waved him to the next chapter of his life.

He told the talk show host James Corden: “It’s really hard. I spent the summer with Jack and I swim every day, so I know this moment is coming. I was destroyed.

“We had 20 minutes to unload the car and let him enter this small apartment, like a cell, I was destroyed. We unlocked all these things and had to say goodbye.

“I was hollowed out, I went back to the car, I was a mess.”

And Jack’s twin sisters also moved away from home – even though she was studying not far from home.

Gordon said: “Holly has gone to the University of London, she even moved out, we live in London. I said, ‘Why are you moving out?’ “Peace. be quiet. I can come back at 4 in the morning without you, “What do you do at 4 in the morning.””

Tilly is now the only child of Gordon and Tana who lives with them and they want to make every effort to keep her.

He joked: “[She is our] princess, we are slowing down the pace of learning and asking if she can leave home when she is 25 years old.”

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Plus size model in lace underwear showing off curves for positive body shots

In recent years, the physical active movement has made great progress.

The motivates are determined to be more inclusive in a world of fashion and beauty.

They are also designed to help everyone have more confidence in their skin – regardless of shape or size.

Photographer Linda Blacker is one of the more diverse women in the industry.

The creative director recently spoke on the “Daily Star” about her frontal photo taken, which she called the “Three Queens.”

She was helped by three large-size models – Michelle Elman, Lottie L’amour and Stephanie Yeboah.

Linda and makeup artist Chiara Aprea strive to transform women to celebrate the beauty of nature.

They also wore feminine underwear and showed their curved body.

When it comes to the information she shoots, Linda reveals that she hopes this will inspire women to be more confident.

The photographer explained: “I decided to turn these women into queens to celebrate them and their bodies…

“How diverse this world is, it should be displayed through the media, and it should be proudly displayed.

“The photos I want to take will not only benefit the three ladies, but also let the audience see it.”

The model is equally passionate about the project – each of them reveals what it means to them.

Lottie, a large-scale blogger, explained: “Besides Linda is the person I have always wanted to work with, I think it is important for a woman who is obviously fat to be positive.

“I am the biggest of the three people. Although we now see more media in the media, I want to see a bigger body because I think it is important to discuss the various sizes of the body, not just the tradition. Curve.

“Ultimately, I did this for me – I want to be the woman I needed to grow up, so I hope to get help from those who feel the same way as me.”

Stephanie, an Instagrams called Nerd About Town, hopes her participation will encourage those who expand their views on beauty.

She said: “Black people with darker skin and large and small women are among the lowest representative communities in the UK. We often have negative stereotypes such as ‘fashionable’, ‘harsh’ and ‘aggressive’.

“I want to do this shot to show that we have a softer, more ethereal and more vulnerable side.”

The social media star Michelle who shared the post on Scarred Not Scared responded to these ideas.

She said: “I want to show that we are all beautiful in our own way. If you believe in your beauty, it will be seen in the photo.

“I believe you can see how powerful all of us are through images like this.”

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Underwear brunch secret

Das ist ein sicheres Indiz, dass du einfach den falschen BHträgst. Immer noch tragen is 80% allergic to Frauen nicht den Richtigen. Dabei ist nicht nur die BH-Größeausschlaggebendsondern genauso wichtig ist die richtige Form. Jede Frau ist anders und jede Frau hat eine andere Brustform. Ganz wichtig ist, dass der BH genau zu deiner Brustform passt.

Hast du beispielsweise eine Ost-West-Brust, also BrüstemitgroßemZwischenraum, benötigstduunbedingt einen BH dereine Seitenstütze hat. Nach dem Stillen oder auch wenn du viel abgenommen hast, sinddieBrüsteoftschlaff, hier ist ein Balkonett-BH die passende Wahl. Hast du stark abfallende Schultern, solltest du darauf achten, dass derBHMittelträgerandkeineAußenträger hat. Wenn du eine zierliche Silhouette hast unddeineBrüsteengbeieinander stehen sind sogenannte Plunge BHs passend. Diese BHs haben einen niedrigen Mittelsteg und lassendieBrüstegetrenntererscheinen.

Das sind jetzt alles nur ein paarBeispielefürverschiedeneFormen die es so gibt, natürlichgibtes noch viel mehr. Es ist also nicht nurdieGrößeausschlaggebendbeim BH-Kauf sondern auch auf die Form kommt es an. Im Secrets, demWäschefachgeschäftmittenin Ulm, kannst du dich kostenlos beraten lassen und den perfekten BHfürdichfinden.

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Cantiq LA: Underwear for everyone

suit underwear

Chelsea Hughes, founder of the Cantiq LA lingerie brand, says underwear is one of the most beautiful outfits anyone can wear.

She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to wear it, including large women and even men. “I make underwear for everyone,” she explained. “The sky is the limit. We actively depict the changes of the people.”

Cantiq is one of the few underwear labels made in Los Angeles. It may be one of the few people who are actively working to achieve broad inclusion. This year, it introduced two major extensions for large characters and gender fluids. The size of the label can be up to 3 times. For those born with male anatomy, the underpants have more space in front.

Hughes emphasized that her body is positive. She said that for those who may not have the perfect body and not like the traditional underwear fit model, the demand is large but the underwear supply is insufficient.

Market researcher NPD Group agreed that the demand for all-digital and plus-size categories has not yet been developed.

Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at NPD Group, said, “The underserved full-body and large-code market is still one of the major commodity errors in the retail industry.” “As retailers focus on classifying productivity, adding new style brands becomes even more Hard to sell, but size expansion is a direct way to expand successful existing varieties.”

For making underwear for people who don’t fit standard size underwear, Hughes looks for fits in different sizes. She offers three fit styles for the large collection and 11 fits for the gender-smooth collection. “It’s not just adding more fabrics. You don’t know how they fit unless there are real people trying the samples.”

suit underwear

Cantiq LA underwear does not use padding or rims, something Hughes says can cause unnatural lifting and shrink the body. In their position, the label uses a strap that looks like a garter. For bras, they are attached around the chest and collar areas to provide lift and draw attention to the curves, and they are placed above and below the underpants.

Hughes said the garter straps bring an exotic look to these outfits. The fabrics used include lace and mesh, ranging from boy shorts to tights. The brand’s most popular style is a bandage boy’s shorts with a triangular cutout bra.

These garments come in eight different colors, including snow white, sage green, pink roses, bright red and dark black.

Retail prices range from $30 for panties to $150 for bodysuits. Currently, the brand can be purchased at cantiquela.com and catiq.losangeles on Instagram.

In the end, Hughes wanted to wholesale the brand. She has exhibited at the Los Angeles Fashion Market in Los Angeles and at the Capsule Show held in New York City last September.

Earlier this year, Hughes opened a brand boutique in a studio near the intersection of La Brea Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard.

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The candidate for the deputy governor of the Democratic Party was marked as the host of the underwear party in 2009.

suit underwear

Mandela Barnes, the deputy governor of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, was named co-host of the underwear party when he was 22 years old in 2009. He sent out an invitation online, jokingly saying “stimulus plan” and using slang words to count those rejected. People outside the door.

Barnes, 31, is a running mate after Tony Evers won primary school in August. He served in the state legislature from 2013 to 2017.

“The theme of this 9-year-old party is not yet mature,” Barnes said in an e-mail comment on Tuesday. “I have been working on gender equality during public service, including narrowing the pay gap, expanding paid family leave, and protecting women’s right to make their own health care decisions.”

In a follow-up text message with the Associated Press on Wednesday, Barnes said that he did not create the event and did not propose the party’s ideas.

“I was tagged as the host of the fb event,” Barnes sent a text message. “People have been tagged/added as co-hosts.”

Barnes also said that he does not remember whether he attended the party.

The Wisconsin Republican Party sent an invitation to the Associated Press. Republican spokesman Alex Zimmerman said that this shows that Barnes’s behavior “does not match his empty words and promises.” He condemned the use of the word “ratchet” – a proverb of a person who did not attend classes – to describe women who would be rejected.

“Tony Evers needs to immediately condemn his campaign partners because the people of Wisconsin should be better treated,” Zimmerman said.

The Wisconsin Republican Party did not condemn President Donald Trump because he made many derogatory comments on women, including Tuesday he called the erotic actress Storm Daniels “horse face.”

Barnes quoted the president’s tweet in response.

Barnes said: “I will not attend a Republican lecture. This Republican standard ticket holder today called a woman a “horse face.”

Barnes and Evers, together with Governor Scott Walker this year, worked together to attract female voters. Evers has been criticizing Walker for supporting Brett Cavano as the Supreme Court, and he said he believes women who accused Cavana of sexual assault decades ago.

Barnes also talked about the importance of women’s participation in the campaign during the August campaign.

Barnes said: “What you will have in Tony Evers, the Mandela Barnes government puts women’s rights at the forefront, right position and central position.”

On Tuesday, Evers launched the “Female Tony” campaign, which included Evers’ wife, former National Congressman Kelda Roys and others, who talked about how Evers-Barnes tickets are a supporter of health concerns for women and families. Care, quality public education and opportunities for everyone.