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Confessions of underwear addicts: 27-year-old woman, she spent $5,000 on underwear this year, revealing her expert guide – and avoiding the biggest mistakes

Sydney-based Elly Hatfull is an addict who claims to be an underwear.

The 27-year-old lingerie enthusiast has more than 150 sets of growing wardrobes, a blog dedicated to reviewing lingerie, promoting sustainable shopping and ethical consumerism, and sharing her physical enthusiasm.

With more than 41,000 Instagram followers, the famous Lace and Haze creative bloggers are becoming more and more well-known in the private apparel industry.

When talking about FEMAIL, Ms. Hatfull discussed her passion for lingerie, expert advice on getting the most out of her underwear, and how much she spent on indulging her past.

“I have been addicted to fashion since I was very young, but with my work, I can’t express my style,” she told FEMAIL.

“Because of these limitations, I started to guide my personal style through my underwear.

“No one will see it, but wearing what I think is true to myself will make me feel good.”

Her Instagram appeared later, and Ms. Hatfull noticed that others shared their underwear experiences through social media.

“I want to get involved, meet new people and share love with like-minded people – one day, I decided to start a page, which is the best decision I have ever made,” she said.

“The blog soon became an extension of my Instagram, initially as a means of challenging myself.

“As a child, my speech and writing are very difficult. This is still my hard work, so blogging is a way I can push myself to improve these skills.

Today, Ms. Hatfull has chosen her underwear from more than 150 wardrobes, some of which are no longer suitable, but are reserved for “display and emotional value”.

As for how much she spends on her favorite hobby, Ms. Hatfull admits that she is only obscured.

“Whenever I buy underwear, including casual wear and accessories, I incorporate them into my jacket to get the most value from every item.

“So far, I spent about $5,000 on underwear this year.”

When asked about her favorite brand, Ms. Hatfull said she has long liked different prices.

“It’s almost impossible, but for luxury, I like Bordelle and Harlow & Fox.

“For things that are easier to get, my first choice is “Silent Arrow” and “Rondo”.

Ms. Hatfull is passionate about responsible shopping and ethical fashion as she focuses on lingerie and regularly publishes images on her social media feed, including Hara The Label made from vegetable dyes and bamboo.




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