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The underwear brand’s groundbreaking NYFW show star is a full-fledged model actor who proudly presents their stuff in a very slim style design – including YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous

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A designer staged a groundbreaking performance at New York Fashion Week, including a full-reform model.

Underwear brand Marco Marco hosted the Fashion Week show on Saturday and showed 34 transgender models on its runway, including YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous, 26 years old.

Trace Lysette, a 30-year-old transparent star, is also on the catwalk with Dominique Jackson and Angelica Ross, both stars of the FX series Pose.

Gigi is wearing a metallic pink mini skirt with a black top and short mesh sleeves that look sensational.

When she walked on the runway on a pair of gleaming Louboutin platforms, she showed confidence that her usual blond hair was dyed in pale green.

Trace mimics pink and black trousers with Marco Marco’s name at the waist, with a shiny pink top and jacket, black, turquoise and pink.

The actress is very happy to be able to participate in her first fashion show, thanks to the brand on Twitter and praise the brand including her.

“At 36-26-40, I have never been a model industry standard, I don’t want to be,” Trace wrote. ‘I like my thickness. Thanks Marco Marco for embracing all types of beauty.

At the same time, Dominic mimicked a pure low-cut black dress and a spectacular black cloak with a fuchsia lining.

Angelica wears metallic, bright blue mini skirts and a fuzzy black top, both with holographic belts.

The 39-year-old designer Marco Morante sees his show as an opportunity to highlight and celebrate transgender beauty.

“Although there have always been transgender and non-dualities in my program, I am obviously aware that their presence is often dragged down by gay men or sero-lesbians,” he told Mic.

“I want to create a space to celebrate trans-style. This is an undeniable opportunity for their existence and emphasizes trans-sexual beauty.

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Carmen Carrera, Geena Rocero, Aydian Dowling, Arisce Wanzer and Laith Ashley are also actors who go to Marco Marco.

“In the past fashion season, people are doing the necessary conversations, including symbolism,” Geena, model and transgender advocate told Mic. “But the real tea is that trans is not a trend; it is life, beauty and strength.

Rice called the show a “historic moment” and added: “Many people have never done this before, they show so much confidence, unity and courage.

“Marc always has a diverse show, and there is a full range of cross-displays, all of whom are of different ages, sizes, backgrounds, colors and identities across the umbrella.”

The 46-year-old Laverne Cox praised the show in a touching Instagram post.

The actress created the #TransIsBeautiful tag three years ago to celebrate the transgender beauty, and one of the sports she saw was reflected in Marco’s show.

She wrote: “Three years ago, when I started #TransIsBeautiful, I hope it will be a way for transgender people to celebrate what makes us unique and beautiful.”

“It’s not about how we look at us, but about celebrating those unique and beautiful things.

‘#marcomarcoshow featured an actor or all trans models last night and felt like another realization of the empowerment of trans beauty. This label is for celebration and production.

“Thanks to all those who have used this label for their own and the other. Congratulations to everyone on the historic Marco Marco show last night.




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