Ready for a new set of jewelry finds to work into your wardrobe? These summery, shimmery, colorfully executed creations range from a tiny-inch length to an exaggerated shoulder-length or even more! As an avid admirer of conservatively created to boldly loud pieces, tassels are indeed having a blast this season, and not a single doubt about that. The light-weight artsy beautifiers create a noticeable eye stealing impact when worn and paired not just with summer essentials but with your closet regalia too. And while they look so glam, they can be worn with almost anything, a friendly-must have indeed you surely don’t want to miss!

Best Tassel Earring Styles
Alexis BittarCrystal Tassel Wire Earrings

As pearls and stones are taking a backseat, Tassel earrings are absolutely divine and have been taking the center stage now. Its versatility to wear reaches everyone and I mean EVERYONE. The assortment is such that you will never run out of design and can be combined with any outfit. Voguish and carefully crafted fashion trinkets with tassels are essential for every season. Livens up your style undoubtedly no matter what outfit you are wearing. From solid colors to eye-catching Bohemian-inspired creations. Tassels can be mixed equally well, be it with boho-chic dresses or with formal evening dresses. It will be a dependable companion in terms of giving your look an extra edge from the rest, an instant standout. These earrings are no doubt the most or if not one of the most popular earrings of the time among women. Tassel-designed earrings have received love and followers from all over the place and on social media sites and platforms. Strengthening its footing in the market today proving then and again its value of being vital in terms of accessorizing and achieving the “IT” look that we’ve all been looking and wanting for. With or without a catwalk, a camera, or a spotlight these earrings will surely hype up our looks. Adding confidence in our overall appearance but not sacrificing comfort because of its being light-weight. This means you can wear it anytime without the hassle.

Mix-matching designs will never be so easy as if you have an entire line of accessories with just a few pieces, practically beautiful! Who wouldn’t want that?


We say… summer is a season for fashion. Top to toe, front to back name it, definitely the best season to flaunt everything you have and that includes Tassel earrings to perfectly cap your look. So, take a quick break and enjoy yourself with lovely trinkets you can depend on as summers’ must-haves when you are looking to accent even the most minimal of attire. From a new take on threads and beads (and there are various designs to choose from!), the following trends highlight a range of different materials, techniques, and designs. Kissing goodbye to previous seasons’ passion with the svelte and shining designs, this summer’s accessories are all about showcasing the balance between the essential and the elegance. And the best part is that you don’t actually have to wait ’til summer to find these treasures.




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