Your wardrobe is full of designer shoes, whether they are that sexy stilettos, cute flip flops, those wedges or simple loafers. Whenever new trends come in you need to have those lovely shoes in your wardrobe. Because when you go out it should be in style, rather than wearing that year-old style. So, stay ahead of the trend and let us look at what summer has to offer us this year.

1.Simple or platform sandals with Knots

Whether you are going to choose formal wear or simple casual wear. These knot sandals are a perfect fit with all the attires. The platform sandals have a padded cushion kind of style, which gives you protection and is very comfy to wear. The knotted style is available in different forms right from strappy knots, knots with heels. They come in flats as well as platforms too. A great choice in your wardrobe to have as comfy wear.

2.Chains on shoes or pumps

Chains on shoes or pumps or heels is the trend this summer. Whether simple or chunky chains they are a good fit this summer. When you accessorize your clothes, you add something of value to your attire. So, think of this shoe chains as an extra fit to add to your wardrobe this year. My personal favorite are the sexy red pumps that make me look and feel like a goddess. A bold evening wear from Versace, are a quite seductive and bold choice of sandals. Whereas the white chain sandals are simply a shoe with class.


I used to dislike them at first. But whether you like them or hate them, they are in trend this year. Different types of clogs right from leather to open feet, lambskin, or vibrant colors. They have it all. Some look quite versatile and the lambskin is my favorite. A much-needed shoe in your closet. It goes well with casual shirts and trousers, dresses and sometimes even jeans. But you just have to pair it right.

4.Mules and Slides

Mules are our comfort shoes whether they are a simple knotty leather style, or a braided style, or those mules from Versace, which make you look classy and elegant. They are in trend this year. They are available in lots of different styles. Right from the bright pink cross mule products from Nigeria to, the elegance from Italy. These are some of the best products that you should have.

Apart from these we have our perfect white sneaker shoes that are a must for the summer wardrobe. Apart from these the designers are also concentrating on using sustainable material in the shoes too. Which is a great plus for eco-friendly lovers.

So go and get your perfect summer shoes today.




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