There isn’t a better acquisition for the winter season than a nice and warm coat that you can wear every day! A high-quality and fashionable coat will make all those cold winter days seem brighter. But what should you choose from all of those models out there that the designers have shown in their collections? It is not an easy choice, but if you will decide to get one of the coats that you will find in this article you won’t regret it!

1. The military coat

By far one of the most popular coats out there is the military coat. Throughout the last 10 years, it had so many variations and it never went out of fashion. It’s a classic and if you invest in a high-quality one made out of wool you will have it in your closet for many years from now on. It is also best to go for army green, navy, or black for this type of coat. You can wear it with absolutely everything, but probably the best combo is between boyfriend jeans, high-heeled booties, and a turtleneck blouse.

2. The long beige wrap coat

Another classic coat that you will be able to wear with anything in the long beige coat. The epitome of elegance this coat is a must-have for any classy lady. If you especially like wearing midi dresses or skirts, then you need to own such a coat. Add to it a big fur collar in beige or light pink and you will look just like an old Hollywood star. Remember though to always wear heels with such a coat.

3. The faux fur coat

Well, this one is not suited for anyone. When wearing such a coat you will need to have confidence and attitude! If you want to make a statement go for a white short faux fur coat and if you prefer something more down to earth then choose a nice brown midi one. This is a statement piece that will also ensure all the comfort you need! Wear it with skinny leather trousers and high-heeled booties.

4. The puffer coat

The puffer coat is mandatory if you plan to take some trips to the mountain area. You will need something extra warm and this is a perfect choice because this coat is filled with insulation. It comes in many lengths and colors, you just need to choose the one you like best. Remember to wear proper shoes too!

5. The parka

Another very useful coat for all those cold winter days is the parka. This coat is super easy to wear and it usually is very thick, so it will keep you very warm. It has many pockets, a hood and it is very practical. You can also wear it with almost anything that is not extremely fancy or glamourous.  




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