Shoes are a complement to every outfit we wear and they also protect us from getting our feet dirty and even protect us from any kind of accident. This means it will be harder for you to cut your feet if you walk over broken glass or a very sharp rock.

While most women love to wear heels, there are some who love wearing sneakers as much as possible. And after the pandemic, probably the most avid heel wearers have gone back to sneakers. Why? We spent more than a year working from home, without having to dress up and wanting to be as comfortable as we wanted to be. And when this happens, sneakers say hi, I’m here to keep you comfy.

Pandemic or not, in general, a lot of people have started to wear sneakers with pieces of clothing that used to be heel or boots territory. Now, you’re going to see women wearing dresses and skirts with sneakers, and honestly, it looks equal parts amazing and comfortable.

We all want to look good in our own style, but this doesn’t mean we have to be suffering and being super uncomfortable for the sake of just looking good or wearing something that’s trending. This applies not only to the clothes we wear but also and especially to the shoes we wear.

Who hasn’t been to a wedding, wishing they have their sneakers with them so they can dance freely and happily? We get to the point of taking out shoes off at these events because the pain gets to be unbearable. You want to have fun but your feet are killing you and you have to be seated as much as possible. And we are supposed to be there to have fun.

We have to seek some kind of style but also our own comfort. And, now, you can wear your sneakers with almost every outfit. From the most casual ones to those ones that tend to be a bit more elegant.

How to choose comfortable sneakers then?

If you want to know how to choose comfortable sneakers, it tends to be a task of trial and error. There are probably super stylish and trendy but once you wear them, they are super uncomfortable. And this might be because they were made for the purpose of only looking good or they’re not a match for your feet.

Everyone has different “types” of feet, and obviously, not all shoes or sneakers are going to be good for everyone’s feet. A good idea on how to choose the right ones, that are definitively comfortable, is to go to a shoe store and try the ones you want. This way you’ll not only find the right size but also you’ll be able to walk with them to see if they’re accommodating to you.

At some point, you’ll know what brands and sneaker models tend to be more comfortable in general, so you can buy them in different colors or styles. A brand that is stylish but also comfortable, is New Balance, for example.  Once you’ve got a pair of comfortable ones, you know the rest of them you buy will also be comfy.




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