Certainly, pajamas and sweatpants will be your go-to comfy outfit for work-from-home as you are not obligated to follow a dress code. While style is about comfort, some people prefer to dress up and maintain normalcy at home. The kind of clothes we wear has an impact on our mood. This blog will look at some pros, cons, and tips to upgrade your work-from-home look.

Cozy and Casual

In general, most employers would not care about dressing up. As long as you get the work done, it’s all good. Moreover, being cozy for some time is good for mental health, especially when stressed. Getting dressed and establishing a new routine can help you feel more productive and at ease at work. 

If you don’t have to show your face in a meeting on Zoom, putting on your sweatshirt can help you be in a better mood and get work done faster. The key is to stay active, so try to spare some time for yoga, exercise, or walks. 

Or even when you have to attend a Zoom conference, you can wear minimal makeup and jewelry with your acceptable office top. You can wear your favorite pajamas, and no one will notice.

Dress to Success

Working from home is challenging as it is hard to be in a similar work mode as in the office. This is why some people prefer to dress up a little bit and maintain the routine they would follow if they went to the office. It’s not just about working in an office; getting up, doing your skincare, and getting ready for the day are all good ways to start the day. Being more within your style motivates you and helps you to feel more confident. 

Maintaining a routine will help you stay in control. When you lack a sense of control, it can lead to anxiety or stress. Research has found that wearing business clothes makes people feel competent. So, wear a t-shirt, jeans, or cargos, even if they are not your business clothes. It will not make you uncomfortable, and you will feel productive since you are working within your style. Opt for clothes that look decently professional and are made of comfy and stretchy fabric.

Dress Your Mood

No matter how much you try to maintain a routine, if you work from home, you will likely have days where you would want to skip dressing up. Working from home is about balance and establishing a routine. 

Even if you feel like wearing a comfy sweater because of the weather or gloomy mood, don’t do it. If you are down and wear your cozy clothes, you will not feel productive whatsoever. Wear an appropriate outfit during office time and change into house clothes when work is over. It’s hard to build a routine, but it is not impossible.


One thing that can be super helpful for building the habit is sorting the outfits beforehand. Choose a particular color or style that you would go for Monday, Tuesday, and the rest of the office days. This way, it will be easier for you to form a routine. Since colors can impact, some people prefer wearing warm tones to feel productive.

The challenge of working from home is it is easier to disengage from work and feel cozy and less productive. So, doing things that will keep you going is essential. Small things like having a work-from-home dress code, switching the work table, being around nature during breaks, and more can be motivating.




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