Are you excited to enjoy the summer? If so, go ahead and enjoy the best of fashion to feel good and make great memories of the season. If you still don’t feel so motivated, it may be that choosing typical accessories for hot days can make you change and cheer up.

So, learn how to combine beach accessories harmoniously and complement your look with a touch of style. The options are diverse, so you can adapt the year’s trends to your personal taste or transform an outfit that is already part of your closet with a new accessory.

What accessories should I take to the beach?

It largely depends on your private needs. But you can choose the ones you need by separating between personal and general accessories. The general ones can be related to towels, protective umbrellas, or perhaps even thermal bags to keep drinks cold. But you can even rent these in stores near the beach.

The personal ones are responsible for sealing your look and can be chosen based on your personal style. Which vibe do you prefer? A classic woman might like swimwear in neutral colors and plain fabric. A woman with a boho style may prefer to invest in ethnic prints that can be represented in fluid dresses for after the beach, earrings, and even shoes.

In addition, you should think about the occasion and organize in advance the activities you want to do in the coastal city. If you want to relax, a chair or towel will be your best companion. Along with it, a visor or cap can help you protect yourself from the sun, but don’t forget to take your sunscreen with the appropriate SPF factor for your skin type. If you intend to practice sports, take the necessary accessories such as a surfboard, diving clothes and others.

Speaking of which, the material of your accessories must be durable, and resistant to salt water, sand, and sun. Therefore, give preference to steel earrings, bracelets, and chains that suffer less from the oxidation process. You can also invest in accessories made with beads, shells, straw, and other natural materials. Delicate earrings made from wood or resin are beautiful and can be colored to liven up their shape. Furthermore, they pair perfectly with bags, shoes, and straw hats.

Do I need to invest in a lot of beach accessories to look beautiful?

No. In fact, you are already beautiful the way you are. Never forget to love your body. Accessories serve to make you even more beautiful. So, it’s interesting to choose pieces with balance, not overdoing them and making them look heavy.

Match the frame of your sunglasses to the colors or prints of your bikini. In addition to the design, think about the protection it needs to have. So, invest in a piece with polarized lenses. Wear necklaces made from lightweight materials such as beads, shells, or even fabric. Be careful with sun exposure to avoid creating strange marks on your skin.

Invest in comfortable and practical sandals. Choose flats, flip-flops, or a gladiator model. Bags should be beautiful, but also functional. So choose a suitable size to carry what you need such as personal documents, water, snacks, towels, and sunscreen. Always choose bags made from fabric, plastic, or natural materials.




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