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Formula E driver fines 10,000 euros for unauthorized suit underwear

Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi was fined € 10,000 (approximately $12,300) after waking in Punta del Este Eprix to discover Di Grassi wearing suit underwear without an approved safety regulation in the tournament.

The FIA ​​said that after Di Grassi’s investigation of the safety equipment after the match, including his helmet, neck pillow, and clothing, people found that his fireproof suit underwear was too short. Di Grassi said that the suit underwear he wore didn’t sweat him because he didn’t use urugay’s heat. He was uncomfortable to other people.

“It’s a mistake. It’s part of me. It shouldn’t happen. It’s not what I’m used to.” Di Grassi is for racing and for illegal suit underwear .
“This is my decision today. Because of the heat, my suit underwear runs out. I don’t want to use wet, so I only wear a new one.” We did all the safety requirements of the seat belts, and with the pit stop, everything was actually really important for safety. I don’t think this suit underwear problem is a problem. But of course I must realize that I should follow the rules in the game. ”

suit underwear

Di Grassi is also a three-point penalty in his game license, but he can keep his runner-up.

Fire safety devices have become standard protection at almost every level of the car, from grassroots to international. In addition to suit underwear , peripheral fire protection clothing usually includes gloves, hoods, shoes, and even socks, some synthetic fibers can be combined with skin fires, burn treatment difficulties.

We undistand FIA’s verdict on Di Grassi’s safety device and think that his time for this set of drawers will be short-lived.




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