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Whiteberry, Sun Lingerie Collection for Indonesian Women

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Matahari department store launches underwear brand ‘Whiteberry – Style and Comfort’ for women of fashions Indonesia.

A total of nine sets of women’s underwear exhibited for the first time in the launch of Whiteberry at La Moda Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday (30/07/2018).

“We believe that underwear is an essential requirement for women,” Whiteberry is designed with fine, elegant and classy product details with a comfortable yet fashion and fashion concept, “said Matelian marketing communications director and fashion director Imelda likes.

Whiteberry products consist of bra, underwear, camisole underwear, available in various sizes.

Color options available from black, white to soft pink, perfect for women who want to look elegant and feminine.

Women’s underwear is wrapped in cotton and microfiber material that absorbs sweat well and feels soft on the skin

In addition, Whiteberry presents a collection of “Lace Series” which adds accent lace, so impressed luxury and beautiful.

“We have a design that matches its brand identity that is Style and Comfort. So Indonesian women can choose the design or mods that fit their personal needs,” said Imelda.

WhiteBerry collection dibanderol with price range Rp. 79,900 up to Rp. 279.900, this product is available in almost all Matahari Department Store in Indonesia.

“Sun hopes Whiteberry can be a leading brand for women’s underwear products and certainly acceptable to both consumers of Indonesia,” said Imelda.

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Before buying underwear, you should know 5 professional tips

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Question: Why do we have 99.9% of people wearing two bras and four pants when they rotate? A: Because it’s hard to find comfortable underwear and/or underwear that makes you feel sexy, the idea of ​​underwear shopping sometimes makes you feel scared.

But because we all deserve beautiful underwear, we decided to let Ansomers stylist Holly Willmot give you six professional tips for barbecue, making your underwear shopping trip easier. You will soon fall in love with your new underwear life.

A cup is not for everyone
Everyone who has ever exercised knows that a bra is more than just a bra – in fact, it can accomplish or destroy that cleavage. But with the underwear world now offering more styles than ever before, it’s easy to know which type of bra is right for your girl.

“Fuller’s chest looks amazing, but if you get more support, the balcony is the way to go – try Ann Summers’ sexy lace Balconette bra,” Holly said. “If you have smaller breasts, choose wireless lace detail to get a fascinating shape and subtle boost.”

Your peach is very flat
It seems that the days of pulling out thongs in the exercise videos of the 80s have passed. “Thongs are great for everyone!” said Holly.

suit underwear

“If you have a bent butt, Ann Summers’ Amberly String is a great way to show it. If your body is more sporty, try Brazilian-shaped shorts because it creates a more sporty illusion. If the thong is really not your thing, then a high-waisted shorts is a generally flattering way to define your silhouette and squat at your waist.”

3. Arrange your shopping trip
Lingerie shopping is not just about physical goods – it’s also about how you feel when you try to shop. That’s why planning when to arrive at a store may be as important as the importance of being on track.

4. Size
Put your cheek into a pair of too small pants and try to point out that Kimmy K’s ass overflows. It doesn’t look like that. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can also cause problems in the health sector.

Take care of your troubles by freeing up some space. “The bigger size is always more flattering,” Holly said. “A little extra material is always better than not enough.” Preach, sister.

5. Find your magic number
In terms of underwear shopping, the reduction is absolutely more. Build a capsule underwear closet that you can wear on a regular basis instead of panic – buy the entire store.

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To be thin, is it a privilege?

“The privilege of being thin”, does it speak to you? Cora Harrington explains it in a post on Twitter. Last Sunday, this New Yorker who runs The Lingerie Addict, which specializes in lingerie, wrote: “You do not have to feel thin for the privilege of being thin. It’s not a feeling. If people think you are thin, you are thin. If you go back to a clothing store and you expect to see many clothes at your size, then you’re slim. In other words, for this blogger specialized in lingerie, thinness is a social construction.

To explain what this privilege is, she describes several everyday situations inspired by her own experience: “Nobody looks at me in pictures and tells me that I should lose weight, nobody laughs at me with a look disgusted when I eat a cookie or an ice cream, no one rattles or rolls their eyes when they have to sit next to me on the plane or the bus … If you either do not have to to think about it is a privilege.

The debate is not new. Still, since Tuesday, Cora’s tweet has received more than 40,000 likes and thousands of comments. Sign that the question arouses interest. A large number of women found themselves in her remarks and shared their stories: “The privilege of being thin is not just about buying clothes more easily. It’s not being discriminated against because of your weight professionally, socially and medically, “reads Twitter.

Nevertheless, other women are more nuanced. For them, when a person is too thin, she has no privilege: “I’m a size XS and everything is too big for me,” says one of them. These people also face body shaming by cashing questions like, “But do you eat sometimes?” Meager or strong, all make the same observation: the fact of being judged when one does not correspond to the norm.

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Forget #MyCalvins: Your CK underwear has just turned into art

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No matter how good or bad, fashion brands can no longer create their own things. With an unlimited limited edition, capsule collections are available, making it difficult to tell which trend belongs to who and which is a copy (a copy of the copy). And we have committed a lot of their crimes.

But before you succumb to collaborative fatigue, fashion brands will capitalize each other’s legacy into your dollar, and we have one – whether you believe it or not – is actually worth it. For the latest cover of their ongoing creative relationship, Calvin Klein and the Andy Warhol Foundation have released another portrait of the late version of the retail photographer. And, of course, they are very sexy.

Titled Andy Warhol: Exposure, ’77 – ’85, the second edition of Calvin Klein Underwear capsules – the first is a provocative print from the Warhol movie kiss – shows four prints, by the pop culture Titan Interpret men’s and women’s T-shirts, vests, pants, boxer briefs, ballet skirts, bikinis and boy shorts in a variety of varieties. (say five times faster.)

In addition, the popular belts for the first time take into account the names of Calvin Klein and Andy Warhol. The photos were taken during Warhol’s heyday, including not only the six anonymous male residents of New York’s nightlife, but also Italian magazine editors and Warhol star Dani La Moreira. The best part of it is that the most expensive part of the classification is $58 – now available (pre-order).

If you really think about it: defining ’90s is easy. That’s because it’s an era that wasn’t there before; it introduces minimalism (a refreshing white T-shirt is really enough), it redefines the way punk looks (before Marc Jacobs got it) It predicts that the trend of the sports and leisure era is too difficult today, but if such a series is so popular, even if it pays tribute to the era when most people will buy it, it has not even been realized because it re-imagined the classic, eternal Necessities for the wardrobe, otherwise you can’t see it.

Moreover, in the eyes of this writer, fashion is like Warhol, making art possible.

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People are not terrible, they wear the wrong underwear!

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Summer is undoubtedly a season of good flesh, and this summer’s beautiful magic can be worn. Whether it is deep V, or a sling wrap skirt. There are also a variety of slings or shoulders, how to wear how to wear, in such a high temperature day is a matter of course.

BUT! Although the word shoulder strap is beautiful, many little fairies definitely consider a problem, that is, underwear is not a good match!

What kind of underwear should I wear with a strapless shirt and a small sling?


suit underwear

NudeBra, also known as silicone bra, silicone bra, self-adhesive bra, is composed of two pieces of silicone and front buckle, directly attached to the body.

Usually nubra can be used with some very short clothes, such as wedding dresses for weddings or weddings, Party dresses are very suitable.

For some very short styles or directly a small corset can wear nubra, so there will not be many concerns, because nubra itself is relatively thick, the small chest does not have to worry.

U-shaped underwear

suit underwear

U-shaped underwear is specially designed for deep V, not only can hide the edge of the underwear, but also has a gathering effect, like the sexy little fairy can pick

You can also adjust the height of the underwear according to the depth of the V-neck. When ordinary underwear is also available, it is still very practical, and it can be both good-looking and safe.

Strips of underwear

suit underwear

These strips of underwear, which are made in the back, are comfortable and concave, and can be matched with a vest or a dress with a large neckline.

Many of the beautiful back bras are thin straps. This level will be very sexy and very beautiful. There is also a simple lace model. For the back of the see-through, it is a finishing touch, and the layering is very rich!

Bralette underwear

suit underwear

I’ve been hiding the underwear in the front, but now I recommend this underwear that is suitable for being exposed. It is the more popular Bralette that has no steel ring, no chest pad and is very free to wear in recent years.

I don’t have much to say inside, but the small M feels that many of them have been made into vests. When they go on holiday, they are also super beautiful.

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How to find LINGERIE for your body type

For women’s bodies, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes that make each woman very unique. However, over time, different proportions of the body have been divided into five key categories. These include apples, rectangles, triangles, inverted triangles and hourglasses. If you have never heard of this strange collection of words used to describe a woman’s body, don’t be embarrassed. They only refer to the proportion of women’s shoulders, waist and hips, regardless of her weight. When choosing underwear, knowing which category you belong to may be a valuable secret weapon with the same number of choices. So, to help you look and feel the best in your underwear and bedroom, we’re here to discuss the best underwear for all body types.

Underwear type
Underwear design aims to flatter the image of women. A great piece, or a set, highlights the woman’s unique femininity, making her feel comfortable and beautiful. Whether it’s for others or just for yourself, perfect underwear can instantly boost women’s self-confidence. From bras and baby shirts to bodice and camisole, the world of underwear is a treasure trove of women’s clothing in all shapes and sizes. This guide introduces all the familiar underwear, as well as some underwear you may not know, creating a complete underwear guide for all body types.

suit underwear

Matching Sets
As the name suggests, the package can be worn with bras and panties. This feminine lingerie style is suitable for all body types because it focuses on the body and the whole, rather than focusing on a specific function.

Garter belt
Taste your man with a seductive garter and heat it in the bedroom. This piece, also known as a sling, wraps around the waist and is usually made of lace or delicate materials. If you look bolder, you can also find a garter in the leather. These sultry costumes are fastened to stockings or knee-high socks with hanging clips. This underwear is perfect for hourglass-shaped women who want to emphasize their waistline. In addition, it is a winner for women seeking to draw attention to their legs.

Throughout history, the purpose and symbolism of corsets have changed many times. The patriarchal object that was once seen as a power and restrictive clothing has recently been transferred to women. Nail and seductive, bodice sits under the woman’s chest and extends down to the hips. The traditional form is designed to shape the shape of the character and achieve an hourglass profile with eviscerated bones along the seams and laces on the back. However, these laces may also appear on the front or side to give a fresh, modern look.

Similar to the bodice, the bodice enhances the curved hourglass profile of the female shape. These skinny pants can double the chest while shaping the waist for an extremely seductive look. The waist has the power to create a curve, while giving people a more full of chest illusion, the corset is very suitable for short stature, the body is an hourglass or rectangular small chest female.

Teddy bear
Bringing your teddy bear into the bedroom is not sexy. On the other hand, wearing a teddy bear is absolutely. Underwear is equivalent to a one-piece swimsuit, and Teddy is a playful item for all body types. This underwear is made from lace, leather, mesh and other fabrics, cut and styled to add brilliance to any body. Especially the inverted triangle female looks amazing because it balances the wide shoulders and lengthens the body.

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Moms slammed the target, Wal-Mart’s “prostitute style” shorts

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Mothers are adopting social media methods, calling on Target and Wal-Mart to choose a limited girl fashion.

A mother using the name Assignment:Mom shared her frustration with the target department store chain on Facebook.

“Dear goal, you know that I love you…but we need to talk about girls for a minute,” she wrote in a Facebook post that the post has received more than 6,000 responses. “More specifically, we need to talk about the services you have recently provided in the sportswear sector. It’s ridiculous.”
The four mothers in the Midwest continue to describe how she turned to Target to buy sports shorts for her nearly 10-year-old daughter who is going to the basketball camp.

However, my mother did not complain about wearing shorts for this girl. All she could find was “small, very small, too short shorts.”

suit underwear

“By definition, I think shorts are short. But where are the mid-length shorts? Shorts that are close to the knees? Those shorts that don’t require built-in underwear will undoubtedly make her feel uncomfortable?” She vented.

Mission: Mom, raising three daughters, said she tried the women’s department – but could not find anything.

“I don’t think I am very cautious, but I have no responsibility to teach my daughters to be modest and proper dress. We live in a culture full of sex; I hope I can buy my tween without worrying about her. The back or her underwear is wearing a pair of sports shorts,” she wrote on Facebook.

In the post, she said she eventually bought her daughter’s shorts in the boy’s section and begged Target to “make our girls do better.”

Homework: Mom told Fox News, “I don’t have any maliciousness about Target. I know I am free to shop elsewhere (and I do.) But she added that she’s “disappointed with such a store, so many moms. Buying essentials does not provide an alternative to sports girls because they don’t want to wear sports shorts.”

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Local fashion startup Jumper Threads launches mint panties

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Jumper Threads – Multiple CityBeat Best Cincinnati Staff Picking Champions (2016 for their “underfrump” – Eliminate sweatshirts and 2017 socks) – Introducing a range of new lingerie: Super soft ProModal triangle made with antibacterial mint leaves pants. And they are actually more like panties and bikinis than panties…

Men’s and women’s underwear are made from all-natural mint fiber. According to the Jumper website, “Everyone knows that mint leaves are cool and refreshing, but this rich organic fiber also adds strength and natural deodorant properties to textiles. We have been designing, sourcing and customizing for the past 18 months. Milling ultra-soft, antimicrobial and Action Ready underwear… suitable for places that need to stay cool and refreshing.”

Jumper is a local company founded by former Army Ranger and paratrooper Daniel Redlinger and outdoor fashion designer Andrew Mallett, specializing in functional and stylish clothing; suitable for your clothes, looks good.

suit underwear

The joint venture began to use their signature sweatshirts, which will never be broken and eliminate “under-inflated”. For Redlinger, this is a personal mission. He can’t find a shirt that is kept inside and not made of cheap cotton. He founded Jumper in 2015 – the name is a tribute to his military era – and recently through the OTR launch accelerator Brandery to help his dream product realization.

Niche outdoor apparel companies have expanded into hoodies, sweatpants (the most popular sports jogger ever produced) and Jumper Labs action jackets. Where did they kill it? Accessories. In particular, their performance socks are described as “work, play, do all the socks.”

Now they are entering the latest trend: super soft underwear. Companies like MeUndies and Tommy John are actively opening up markets to millennials and others on the media platform, trying to attract casual wear audiences through the promise of comfortable underwear.

For the past 18 months, Jumper has been working on a new design that incorporates Mint Technology to provide antimicrobial protection in a comfortable Modal fabric. Pre-ordered on Kickstarter at noon on Tuesday, July 24.

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Brooke Burke’s sports bra in Malibu features a tight-fitting sports bra

suit underwear

After nearly seven years of marriage, she announced her breakup with her husband David Charvet in April.

Three months later, Brooke Burke was found to show off her incredible figure in a sports bra and matching tights.

The 46-year-old television celebrity showed her flat belly on the appearance of a fitness class in Malibu on Monday.

Brooke’s bodybuilding arms, shoulders and abdomen are wearing dark blue sports bras.

She is paired with tights and a pair of black sneakers.

Her long hair chocolate brown hair is pulled into the top ponytail and adds black sunglasses to add a touch of style.

suit underwear

In a health interview, Brooke talked about the importance of exercise: “I need to sweat and make adrenaline surge. It is the best antidepressant. It is like the best medicine in the world.

She revealed in 2012 that she had undergone surgery after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer; she later revealed that all cancers were successfully removed.

After nearly seven years of marriage, the model split with her husband David Charvet in April.

She shared her 10-year-old Charvet-Shaya and 11-year-old Heaven Rain with her two youngest children, and two children – Neriah, 18, and Sierra, 16 – who was with her plastic surgeon Garth Fisher The first marriage.

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With advances in fiber technology and knitwear, today’s underpants can be as insignificant as a pair of Aussie Bonds panties or contain high-tech touch-talking.


suit underwear

Made of bamboo, merino wool and microfibre fabric, the breathable and moisture wicking layer draws liquid away from the body and secures them to the waterproof outer layer.

For example, the New York-based Sydney-born company Wearable-X teamed up with condom manufacturer Durex to create an interactive lingerie called Fundawear. Fundawear has a “vibration touch” that can be transmitted from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app. Underwear contains actuators (similar to devices that vibrate smartphones). The couple wearing it talks through the app and passes the feelings to each other’s underwear.

At the same time, brands Modibodi and Thinx have developed reusable underpants for menstrual periods or experiencing urinary incontinence.

Made of bamboo, merino wool and microfibre fabric, the breathable and moisture wicking layer draws liquid away from the body and secures them to the waterproof outer layer.

Fabric technology allows the panties to be rinsed in cold water, machine washed, and once dried, reused. Since its launch in 2014, Modibodi has become the leader in the Australian reusable lingerie market.

suit underwear

The British brand Shreddies has even developed “flatulence filtration” underwear for men and women who use carbon absorbing cloth. According to its website, the underwear uses “the same activated carbon material as the chemical warfare suit”. Which is good.

Medical underwear for postoperative and postpartum patients is also widely available in Western hospitals, providing infection control and wound care.

Advances in materials manufacturing, additive fabric coatings, and body-centered smart textile applications can monitor a patient’s physiology and provide personalized care and direct user feedback to medical professionals. Researchers at the University of California have developed a textile-based printable electrochemical sensor with capabilities for a variety of medical and safety applications. Flexible textile sensors, for example, can be printed from the skin when printed onto the elastic waistband of the undergarment.