Taking care of appearance is one of the main items to develop your personal power. A woman needs to be at ease with herself to live a happy and prosperous life.

Therefore, it is important that you know how to identify your personal style. From there you can create compositions of looks that adapt to your body type and taste. Know how to develop:

1-Self knowledge

Self-knowledge helps you to be confident in choosing your clothes. It’s important to do some research and understand which pieces you like best and if they match your style.

You can follow the minimalist line and invest in essential basic items with neutral colors.

You may like more delicate clothes, with floral and small prints if you go for the identification of the romantic style, for example. This style delivers harmony and extra femininity.

Do you understand? These are just a few examples. Identify which female archetype is dominant according to your personality and create a path.

2- Build your image

After identifying your dominant archetype, you will start planning and building your personal image.

The clothes, accessories and even your makeup symbolize the way you want to be seen by people. It’s where you build your identity.

A more practical woman will prefer mostly casual makeup items. So, invest in jeans, t-shirts, comfortable shoes, and jackets. Invest in an everyday style of clothing that makes you comfortable.

Already an elegant woman, she seeks the image of the ruler, the businesswoman. It is usually interesting to research more and invest in pieces aimed at the classic style.

Tailored pieces are super in trend, and are the main pieces to show elegance. High-waisted pants with buckled belts put power into a woman’s personal appearance.

The neck scarf can be an accessory that elevates your image, delivers lightness and goes very well with vests and blazers.

3-Adapt to your lifestyle

It is important to observe what your personal needs are. A woman with a very busy routine will generally choose light, comfortable pieces. This makes her life easier and prevents her from wasting a lot of time getting dressed.

Building a capsule wardrobe can be one of the tasks you have to do. This type of trend allows you to reuse many pieces with assertive and quick combinations.

If you need to adapt to a tight schedule and go from work to the gym or vice versa, the Athleisure style can be an interesting investment.

It is easy for you to include and mix sports items with adaptive clothes for work, for example. The sneaker can be camouflaged with many types of versatile pants. The cap can be removed after exercising. A suit can be layered over a top and, when buttoned up, hides the sportswear, giving the appearance of a regular blouse.

4- You must test new clothes

Perhaps you are looking for information to perform a Glow Up on the way you dress. So, identify pieces that you like, but that you still don’t use. Buy and have new experiences.

If it is initially difficult to transition from one style to another, invest in calm. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You can step out of your comfort zone by wearing a different shoe. Or maybe even include an accessory that you don’t have much habit of using.




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