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Explore some of Israel’s exciting new swimwear brands, ideal for playing beaches this summer.

With its reputation as one of the best beach destinations in the world, Israel is known for its eye-catching swimwear designs. Whether it is leisure in the seaside in Tel Aviv or diving in Eilat, it seems that Israeli designers cannot escape.

Perhaps the best-known Israeli swimwear industry is Gottex, which has been producing bathing suits since 1949, but many emerging brands are filling the market with beautiful swimwear and gaining fans in every corner of the ocean.

On Dyzhkov Street in Tel Aviv, shoppers from Israel and abroad went to explore new brands and boutiques. Emerging swimwear designers opened stores including Beacha, BiliBlond and Zohara Tights. All of these are designed by women for women.

“I made my swimsuit on the real female body structure. I tried them with my friends of different stature to get the best designs for as many girls as possible,” Beacha founder Irit Groomi told ISRAEL21c.

When it comes to men’s swimwear, Israeli Olympic swimmer Guy Barnea’s popular new brand, Weekends At, is a perfect fit for fashion men’s swimwear.

We are here to explore Israel’s top emerging swimwear brand.


Behind the swimsuit design of the BilaBlond Tel Aviv Indigenous people Hila Weinberg, it is easy to see the inspiration of the Mediterranean. Weinberger created a luxurious swimsuit, shaping and shaping the body, inspired by Israeli mixed races, laid-back beach culture and sunny climate. The collection includes bikinis and a well-designed detail such as handmade and colorful prints. There are also several reversible styles that can make a suit with two different looks, but also with a small suit for children.

Tutu Boutique

Inspired by the simple lines of the dance world and bodysuits, the Tutu boutique offers you a solid-colored swimwear that is timeless and suitable for the 1960s style. Created by Nofar Dokovny, a designer based in Tel Aviv, with backgrounds in ballet, painting and photography, these swimwear collections include tailored fits for different body types.

One-piece clothing and piping details and several strap styles come in different colors, walking between classic and unusual. Bikinis features simple tops, some with subtle geometric details, and vintage-inspired high-waist swim trunks.

The idea of ​​Beacha comes from the desire of the designer and founder Irit Groomi, who are eager to feel comfortable, safe and feminine in the swimsuit. Most styles are one-piece and can be paired with a swimsuit belt that wraps around the waist to highlight the body and highlight the wearer’s silhouette. The palette of pastel and pastel shades, mixed with grey and jewel tones, makes this collection stand out in markets that often feature bright, tropical prints.




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