The noise is in our heads. The wise say that. But is it really? I understand that calm is needed inside our minds and has got nothing to do with the outside noise. However, it’s partially true if you ask me. With my kids always screaming and wailing, traffic noise blaring from the streets, construction hammering going on everywhere around me, I have become really allergic to the noises around me. The mode of entertainment has become noise with our kids watching their videos on tablets, significant others glued to the news on television, indistinct conversation sounds, we all can do with a little piece of quiet time, can’t we?

Well, the solution to all this is earphones.

So when and where and which type of earphones do you need? Well my dear friend, it all depends on the situation and the activity you are trying to be involved in! And I am here to help you in finding out the right pair. Also, you need an assortment of different types so that you can take them out according to the activity/situation!

1. Wireless earbuds:

There are so many advantages of wireless earbuds. I find it most useful when I am with my kids. I usually plug in only one so that I can be attentive to my kids at the same time. The upside is that they don’t know that I am listening to anything ( music, podcast, etc) and they feel that I am totally dedicated to them. I, on the other hand, am able to break the monotony of the wailing of my kids.

The downside is that they can fall off the ears rather frequently. That really irks me.

2. Workout earphones:

Working out without music can be really challenging. Not all of us are privileged enough to burn the calories in a fancy gym, swaying to heart-thumping beats. For all us lesser mortals, who sweat it out at home or go for a run or stretch in the park, you need to be at your own drums!

Though a pair of normal earphones work well enough, the wireless ones are really helpful. They remain in your ears comfortably while you run or stretch, motivating you with their rhythm.

3. Headphones:

Well I am a headphone person. I somehow have small earholes which means either the earphones fall out frequently or they ache. The headphones sit comfortably over the head while I can enjoy listening to podcasts or music. The only downside is that they take up a lot of space, so I don’t travel with them.

4. Noise cancelling earphones:

When bought the right ones, they can be a bit pricey but nothing can beat their efficiency. Especially since this pandemic has evoked compulsion for the work from home culture, I suggest every professional to invest in a pair. Whether be it zoom calls or skype meetings, brain storming or normal client phone calls, this is all what you need to put you to non interfering work mode.




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