Some would say that when it comes to fashion, the winter season would be dull. It is because some think that winter clothes are limited to long sleeves and baggy pants. While it’s true that the prominent wardrobes in the winter are sweaters, coats, and boots, it is also true that you can always go beyond the ordinary. 

Since this kind of season always connects to the shade of orange and brown, you can always try to level up the game and make it more colorful. These are the ways to aim for a playful winter.

Stick with your favorites

You don’t have to depart yourself from your childhood when the winter season comes. If anything, it is also the best season to nourish that nostalgic feeling inside you. The cold breeze may bring too many emotions, but they do not have to be the sad kind. You can always go down memory lane to those happy moments.

So as playful as you may, go for the printed sweaters. It could be your favorite one-liner quotes, your favorite lyrics, or even your favorite cartoon character.

Go for a turtle-neck

Turtle necks are a common feature of sweaters. But since they have begun to taper off in the present millennium, wearing this can already be considered as a playful thing to do. All you need is a good pair of bottoms and sneakers while acing your style with a nice hairdo. 

Some people opt to add layers of a necklace to look more playful. On the other hand, others highlight printed patterns on the neck part of their sweaters.

Try a flirty look

For a change, try to go beyond the limit sometimes. Being playful also involves fearlessly trying out new things without thinking of what others would say to you. Since sweaters are all about covers and layers, you can go for a flirtatious look with minimal designs and smooth fabrics. 

If you want to go fearless and playful, you can also fight the coldness and endure the breeze while looking fabulous in this sweater.

Play with colors

The easiest way to achieve a playful look in the winter season is to get creative and play with colors. It is much better to explore the brighter shades to send a positive message, and it is more appealing on a sweater. 

You can also go with contrasting colors for a rebellious yet gentle vibe. Sometimes, making your winter colorful and playful takes a courageous side of you. So never hesitate to experiment and dress up the unusual way.

Choose rainbow and girly

Rainbow colors nowadays do not only represent a playful aura; they symbolize freedom as well. You can always embrace your freedom by wearing rainbow colors of sweaters. To add a more girly look, go for the long enough style to make it look like a dress or a cute skirt.

Your winter season does not have to be dull anymore. Sometimes, it is all up to you to take your style to the next level no matter the weather. Besides, no weather is too gloomy for a playful style.




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